Ceramic Tile Installation Tips Including Wall and Floor Tiling

How-to Help on Tiling Floors and Walls and Using Other Stone Materials in the Home

Installing floor tile, such as ceramic tile or porcelain tile is an excellent floor choice. Ceramic tile flooring provides style and elegance to a room like no other flooring product.

Ceramic tile flooring is one of the best flooring choices available to homeowners. Floor tile is ideal for bathrooms, entranceways, and kitchens. Ceramic floor tile is available in a myriad of patterns and sizes, it is easy to install and repair, and requires minimal maintenance. 

Ceramic tile installation requires a little upfront knowledge and a couple of key tools; a tile saw and a tile cutter.

Included in the articles and videos below are discussions on ceramic tile flooring installation, floor tile site preparation, tiling over linoleum or vinyl flooring, removing existing ceramic tile, and applying tile grout. In addition, we discuss other types of ceramic tiling and the use of granite, slate and stained glass materials for flooring and other home applications.

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Tips on Ceramic Tile Tools

Ceramic Tile, as well as Porcelain and Stone Tile Installation Tips and Ideas

Ceramic Tile Site Preparation Tips and Ideas

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See my “How to Tile a Custom Ceramic Tile Shower” Ebook to learn how to tile your own shower:  For a detailed set of instructions on tiling a shower floor and walls, including pictures for every step in the process, see my “How to Tile Custom Ceramic Tile Shower Ebook”.

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