QuartzLock Grout for Wet and Outdoor Applications

A Pre-Mixed, Ready to Use, Flexible Grout that is Resistant to Stains

By Mark J. Donovan

QuartzLock grout is a Pre-Mixed, ready to use, Urethane grout that is ideal for wet area applications such as in bathrooms and outdoor applications. It can even be used in submerged applications such as in hot tubs. It can be used with a variety of tile products including ceramic tile, natural stone, glass and porcelain tile, and can support grout lines from 1/16th to ½ inch in width.

QuartzLock grout is a semi-flexible grout that resists cracking and shrinking. Due to these properties it maybe also useful in tile jobs where the subfloor has some minor deflection in it.

QuartzLock grout is available in about a dozen different colors and will not fade, streak or shade, even in wet applications.

To use QuartzLock grout you simply need to gently stir it with a margin trowel. You can use a drill mixer, however only mix it the grout at a low speed for about 30 seconds. Any longer, an you may introduce air bubbles into the grout which could lead to sag after the grout is applied.

To apply QuartzLock grout, first make sure the tiles have firmly set up and that the tiles have been sealed (if porous or natural stone tiles) and cleaned first. The temperature should be around 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit when applying the grout. Apply the QuartzLock grout to the tiles just like any other grout. Use a firm edge rubber grout float and work the grout in between the tiles by running the grout float over the tile seams at a 45 degree angle. Remove excess grout by pulling the float edge diagonally across the tile seam.

Clean the grout off of the tiles as you work. After applying QuartzLock grout to a 10-12 foot square area, use a bucket of clean water and a well rung-out sponge to clean off the surface of the tiles.

Make sure you leave no water in the grout lines. After every 100 square feet get a fresh bucket of water.

Let the grout set up for 24 hours and assess if another pass at cleaning the tile is necessary. If a second cleaning is required, first apply a film remover to the tile using a cleaning pad. Then use a damp sponge and a bucket of clean water to wipe the tiles down again. Finally wipe down the tiles with a clean and dry cloth.

Allow up to 72 hours before allowing heavy foot traffic. Full curing of the QuartzLock grout can take up to 28 days depending upon the width and depth of the grout lines.

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