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Make sure to Meet with a Masonry Contractor during the Planning stages of Your Home Construction Project

By Mark J. Donovan

When building a custom home or kicking off a large home remodeling project that you anticipate including some form of brick, mortar or stone, don’t forget to contact a masonry contractor during the planning phase. A masonry contractor can provide a wealth of knowledge and guidance on what type of brick, stone, and mortar to use on projects such as fireplaces, patios, stone flooring, and more. Today masonry work is often used in or around pools, concrete driveways, and even for stucco house siding. A masonry contractor can help you sift through the multitude of stone and brick choices available on the market.

Moreover, they can provide you with masonry design ideas for your stone or brick masonry project(s). They can also provide guidance on when it’s the most appropriate time to have him or her on the job site.

When interviewing masonry contractors keep in mind that masons often specialize in specific masonry projects and materials. Some contractors may have more experience working with products beyond just stone and brick. For example some may have extensive experience installing various tile types, glass block, and stone or concrete countertops. Some, on the other hand, are better at building fireplaces. And others are more experienced with concrete flooring solutions, such as pouring concrete patios, pool surfaces and driveways. So make sure to ask what the mason contractor’s expertise is to see if it is line with your masonry project(s).

When meeting with prospective masonry contractors make sure to go over the material products that he or she is familiar with. Often masonry contractors will bring sample brick or stone material with them during the interview process so that you can get a better appreciation of the particular material you or he has in mind. They can also accompany you to a stone or brick store to help you in the selection of the right masonry product for your project(s). Depending upon the complexity of your masonry project design, the mason contractor may even put you in touch with an architect that has experience in designing brick or stone masonry projects. Stone fireplace

Finally, the mason should help you select the appropriate masonry material that will ensure a beautiful and durable masonry project.

If you’re thinking about a do it yourself masonry project keep in mind that mason work is an art that also requires the right tools. In addition, masonry materials are very heavy and can be difficult to work with, e.g. cutting stone or brick. Consequently, unless you have some previous hands on experience in the particular masonry project you’re planning, I highly recommend skipping the diy plans and going with a professional masonry contractor.

A masonry contractor will ensure the project is done safely and properly. He or she will also make sure it meets all federal, state, and local building codes.

There are strict building codes, for example, when it comes to fireplace design and construction. A quality masonry contractor will also guarantee their work so that you’re sure to have a beautiful and durable product for years to come.

So during the planning phase of your new custom home or home remodeling project that includes masonry features make sure to contact a masonry contractor up front.

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They can offer a plethora of advice on design considerations, stone and brick material choices, and a timeline for completing the job.

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