Bath Tile Designs that Transform a Bathroom

When Remodeling Your Bathroom Don’t forget to Include a Bathroom Tile Design as part of your Planning Process

By Mark J. Donovan

Is your bathroom looking outdated? Does the bathroom vanity and countertop look they’ve seen better days. Is your bathroom flooring experience curled vinyl or cracked tiles? Are the bathroom wall tiles from the 1950s? If so then it’s time to kick off a bathroom remodeling project and come up with a new bath tile design. A remodeled bathroom that incorporates tile not only provides improved functionality and beauty to the bathroom and home, it also has one of the highest rates of return on investment. Modern and newly renovated bathrooms are high on home buyers’ lists, so don’t’ fret the money or waste anymore time, and start planning your bathroom remodel and exploring bath tile designs.

When your bathroom remodeling planning comes to tile selection and bath tile designs be creative by mixing tile colors and coming up with unique and interesting patterns. Moreover, don’t be hesitant about mixing tile types and sizes. Also, if you feel limited in your creativity, look in magazines and online for bath tile design ideas.

In some cases you can even purchase bath tile design packages. Your chief objective when selecting a bath tile design is to come up with one that will ultimately transform your bathroom into the image you want to achieve in your newly remodeled bathroom, be it a classic, modern, or whatever look.

Key in every decorative bath tile design is coming up with a pattern, be it for the floor, walls, or even custom shower. The pattern should be such that it piques the interest of the eye when walking into the bathroom, but at the same time not overwhelming it. The occasional contrasting accent tile interlaced within a wall or floor of tiles is often all that is needed to provide an interesting look or design. In other cases, you may want to interleave a stream of contrasting tile colors and sizes to achieve a bolder bath tile design.

When looking at bath tiles also consider using mosaics.


They can create a wonderful appearance in any room, however they often look outright stunning in bathrooms. Also, as already mentioned, don’t limit your bath tile design to just the bathroom floors and walls. Custom tiled showers have been increasing in popularity and even moderately priced homes can recoup the costs for this bit of bathroom luxury.

If you decide to put in a custom tiled shower make sure, however, to have a membrane liner shower pan installed properly. Installed improperly, you may find yourself having to deal with expensive leak repairs.

If you do decide to include in your bath tile design a custom tiled shower, again look online for ideas. It’s absolutely incredible the variety of custom tiled shower designs that are out there. The fact that it is custom shower means that the size, shape, and features of the shower are limited by only your creativity.

Bath Tile designs

Coupled with the incorporation of a beautiful tile design and plumbing fixtures, your custom tiled shower can transform your bathroom into a sanctuary you’ll never want to leave.

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