Tiling a Shower Curb – How to Tile Shower Thresholds

How to Tips on Tiling a Shower Curb

By Mark J. Donovan

When tiling a custom shower the shower curb is frequently forgotten until the end of the project. Prior to tiling a ceramic tiled shower with a tiled shower floor consider how you will address tiling the shower threshold.

There are a couple of options you can consider when tiling shower thresholds.

First you can install a single piece of stone threshold on top of the curb, e.g. marble stone. This is an excellent way to go as there are no tile seams.

The lack of tile seams on the curb is useful when installing a glass shower door.

A tighter seam is created between the shower curb and the shower door which helps to prevent inadvertent shower door leaks. In addition, one large threshold stone piece also creates better anchor locations for shower door screws and hardware.

For the outside edge of the shower threshold you can also use one large stone threshold piece.

Alternatively you can use large tiles for the shower curb, e.g. 12” long tiles, such that you have minimal seams.

This is a less expensive approach than the large stone threshold piece. In addition, large ceramic tiles are easier to cut compared to ripping a 36” length of marble threshold. 

Tiling a shower curb

The other benefit is that you can use the same tile pieces and spacing on the outside edge of the shower threshold. This helps to create tile uniformity in terms of tile spacing and colors.

Detailed Instructions on How to Tile Shower Threshold

To tile a shower curb, simply mix up some thinset mortar to a pasty like consistency and then use a ¼” trowel to apply it to the shower curb. Then press your threshold stone or tile pieces into the mortar. Make tile cuts where necessary.

Allow the mortar to set up for 24 hours before grouting the joints and seams.

Finally, seal the joint seams with a tile sealer to mitigate the risk of mold and mildew growth.

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