Applying Grout to Ceramic Tile Floor

Applying Grout to Ceramic Tile Flooring is easy to do

By Mark J. Donovan

I recently installed some new ceramic tile flooring. After installing the ceramic tile floor I waited 24 hours before applying grout.

To apply grout on the ceramic tile floor I used a box of grout that came in a milk carton like container. My project was relatively small, only a 3’x3’ area so this relatively small container of grout was more than sufficient. As a matter of fact, even though it was a small container there was sufficient grout to cover 84 square feet of floor tile area using ¼ inch grout spaces.

Instead of water I used a grout additive solution to mix with the grout. I followed the manufacturer’s recommendations and mixed the correct quantities in a 2.5 gallon bucket. I used a paint stick to

Once I had a smooth mixture of grout that was not too loose and not too firm, I then let it set for about 5-10 minutes, per the instructions on the grout container.

Grout material Grout mixing

After wetting down the ceramic tile floor area I then worked the grout into the tile floor cracks using a grout float. To work the grout into the cracks I held the grout float at a shallow angle and worked the grout into the cracks at a 45 degree angle. This helps to push the grout into the cracks and keep it there as the grout float is moved over the crack.

grouting tools grouting tile

Note: When applying grout lines to the ceramic tile floor make sure you do not leave too much grout in between the tiles so that the grout sits above the edge of the ceramic tiles.

Once I had applied grout to the entire ceramic tile floor area, I used a large sponge and a bucket of clean water to wipe away the excess grout from the tile surfaces. During this cleaning process I made sure to keep the sponge out of the cracks.

Grout cleaning Final grout cleaning

After making a first pass of cleaning the residual grout off of the ceramic tile, I let the grout set up for about 15 minutes.

After the 15 minutes had passed I made another pass with the sponge and another bucket of clean water. I repeat clean water. You do not want to use the old water as it will just leave a filmy residue of grout on the ceramic tile surface.

Finally, 30 minutes later I made another pass with the sponge and another bucket of clean water.

Each day for the next three days I lightly washed the ceramic tile floor area to clean off any residual grout.

For this particular project I did not seal the grout as it is in area where there is no risk of water or staining. However, for most other grouting and ceramic floor tile projects it is wise to apply a grout sealer to the grout lines to prevent water penetration and stains.

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