Cleaning Ceramic Tile Showers – How to Clean Ceramic Tile Showers

How to Clean Ceramic Tile Showers and Maintain Their Luxuriousness and Charm

By Mark J. Donovan

Cleaning ceramic tile showers should be done regularly. If you have a ceramic tile shower and want to keep it looking like new, then you need to clean it after every use, plain and simple.

Cleaning ceramic tile showers is as easy as wiping it down with a towel or squeegee after every use. It is important to remember to wipe down both the walls and floor.

Water is the main culprit in turning a beautiful ceramic tile shower into an eye sore. 

Water breeds mold and mildew and the grout lines are the most susceptible to it.

Cleaning Ceramic Tile Showers prevents Mold and Mildew

If ceramic tile showers are not cleaned and wiped dry after every use, mold and mildew will eventually show up on the grout lines turning them dark.

Once imbedded into the grout, mold and mildew becomes very difficult to remove.

In addition to mold and mildew growth, minerals in the water can also pit the ceramic tiles so that they lose their luster.

Again, the way to prevent this type of damage is to clean and wipe dry your ceramic tile shower after every use.

How to Clean Ceramic Tile Showers with Mold and Mildew

If you have not been cleaning your ceramic tile shower regularly and your shower is showing the ill effects of mold and mildew, as well as pitting, you can try various tile and grout cleaners.

However, do not use tile and grout cleaners that contain acids, and this includes using homemade vinegar solutions. 

The acid cleaners will not only eat away the mold and mildew, but also some of the grout. In addition, they can also damage the surface area of some types of ceramic tile glazes.

Instead, use an alkaline based tile and grout cleaner. Make sure to read the instructions carefully on the cleaner before using it, and always wear proper eye and skin protection, including gloves and long sleeve shirts and pants.


After cleaning ceramic tile showers with an alkaline cleaner, it is always best to let them fully dry out and then seal them with a tile and grout sealer. Ceramic tile and grout sealer should be applied at least once every couple of years.

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