Tile Grout Cleaner

Keep your Tile Surface Areas Looking Like New By Cleaning Tile Grout Regularly

By Mark J. Donovan

Tile grout cleaner is essential for keeping ceramic tiled floors, custom tiled showers, and kitchen tiled back splashes looking like new. Due to its sandy coarse texture, tile grout can easily attract dirt, grime, mold and mildew. Whether sealed or unsealed, tile grout lines need to have a tile grout cleaner applied to them periodically to remove dirt and grime and to kill mold and mildew growth. Cleaning tile grout, however, can be a difficult process. It is important to use a tile grout cleaner that will effectively clean the tile grout while not removing any of it.

There are a variety of home-brewed and commercially available tile grout cleaners and methods to choose from, however it is important to select one that will not damage your tile grout.

Improperly cleaning tile grout can lead to bleaching, staining and even the removal of grout. If there is one thing worse than cleaning tile grout is removing it and re-grouting your tile area.

Simple home brewed tile grout cleaner products include the use of peroxides, chlorine bleach, or vinegar and baking soda and a stiff bristle brush. These products may be okay for light maintenance tile grout cleaning projects, however for more severe tile grout cleaning projects they are typically inadequate. In addition, peroxides and chlorine bleach can remove grout color pigmentation.

I should also warn that the mixing of house-hold cleaning products to clean tile grout can be extremely dangerous and thus should never be done. Deadly fumes can be generated through the chemical reaction of mixing cleaning products. The fumes may or may not be detectable and could cause a person to collapse and even die. As a result, it is best to use a commercially designed tile grout cleaner. Not only are commercial tile grout cleaners safer to use, they are also more effective in cleaning tile grout.


Commercial house-hold cleaners that by themselves do a reasonably effective job of cleaning grout tile include Lysol, Formula 409, and Mr. Clean.

For more stubborn stains or mildew issues powder cleaners such as oxygen bleach do a terrific job of cleaning tile grout.

No matter what tile grout cleaner product you select, it is best to first wash the ceramic tile surface with warm water and a rag to remove any loose debris. Then after the tile has fully dried apply the tile grout cleaner per the manufacturer’s recommendation. Normally the tile grout cleaner should be applied and allowed to soak for 15 to 30 minutes before scrubbing the tile grout lines. Allowing the tile grout cleaner to soak for a period of time enables the chemicals to work in and break down the grime, mold and mildew and makes removing it with a stiff bristle brush and rag much easier.

After cleaning tile grout, and allowing it time to fully dry, apply a grout sealer to retard the growth of mold and mildew and to keep the grout looking clean and new for longer.

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