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Target Audience is a home improvement and remodeling information website that was
founded in February of 2005. has witnessed strong growth over the years
and currently receives over 200K visitors and 350K page views per month, most of which are
from homeowners looking for home improvement products and services. presently has a 3 month average Alexa Ranking of 800K.


90% homeowners
59% Male, 41% Female
35-49 age group = 42%
Income level $60-100K = 37%
College Educated = 48%

Traffic: 1,500 to 2,000 visitors per day

Search Engine Rankings consistently ranks high on unpaid search results with Google, Yahoo,
and Bing. For example, has held the number 1 position for home
addition, home additions and basement renovation for several years. In addition, keyword
phrases such as DIY Home Remodeling, DIY Home Improvement, Garage Additions, Room
Additions, Porcelain Tile, Framing Basement Walls, along with many other home improvement
related phrases, consistently rank on the first page of unpaid search engine results.

Advertising Rates and Programs offers a variety of contextual advertising programs, including text ads,
graphical ads and category sponsorships. Ads can appear on every page of the site with the
exception of the homepage. does not offer text ads or banner ads for the purpose of passing
along page rank. Thus, we will use the rel=”nofollow” attribute in all advertisement hyperlinks.

Advertising Simple Facts

Cost: As low < $2 per day.
Click Rates – as high as 16% CTR (Click Thru Rate)
Real Time Tracking – 24/7, 365 days a year via Ad Server Tools.

Flat Rate Advertising

Text Ads – URL Links with the Company Name and small keyword phrase, and up to a 20 word
description in a 234×60 box. Ad displayed for 1 year on the site with unlimited impressions and
clicks. The ad will perform best if located above the fold, center right.

Text Ad Pricing – (Paid in advance before Ads are Turned On)

1 Text Ad – $500
2 Text Ads – $650
3 Text Ads – $775

Graphic Ads – Size choices (e.g. 234×60, 125×125, 120×240, 300×250). URL links with the Company
Name and small key word pharse, and up to a 25 word description along with image. Ad displayed
for 1 year on the site, unlimited impressions and clicks.

Graphic Ad Pricing – (Paid in advance before Ads are Turned On)
1 (234×60) – $850
1 (125×125) – $1,000
1 (120×240) – $1,200
1 (300×250) – $1,400

Category Sponsorship Advertising provides contextual Category Sponsorship Advertising options for a
300×250 Mid_Center Ad_Unit. A category ad is displayed across every page of the particular
category chosen.

A category sponsorship includes sections such as Custom Homes and Home Additions, Basement,
Kitchen, Bathroom, Painting, Attic, Decking, etc.

Category Advertising pricing is sold at a CPM rate (Cost per thousand Ad impressions displayed).
Category Advertising Pricing = $40 per CPM with a $500 retainer.

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