DIY Disclosure Policy

The Federal Trade Commission requires that websites provide a disclosure policy about products or services that they review, and any relationship the website may have with the product’s manufacturer or service provider.

Summarized below is my disclosure policy on product reviews that I conduct on and

Occasionally companies provide me with samples of their products and ask me to evaluate and review them. In some cases I take them up on their request.

The products that are provided to me are given as free samples. I do not request for these product samples, nor do I return them to the companies who provide them to me.

I evaluate the product and write reviews on them at my sole discretion. I am not paid in any way for evaluating and writing a review on the product.

On occasion I may provide a link to the product manufacturer’s website. Again, I am not paid in any way for providing a link to that website.

Affiliate Programs – In some cases I may create a link to a product associated with an affiliate program where I may get paid a small commission if you purchase the product or service.

Mark Donovan
Founder and CEO of DIY