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The garage is the original man cave. A garage was, and still is, where man and machine spend much of their time when they’re home.

Besides a refuge for cars and trucks, the garage is also the place for storing lawn and yard equipment. In addition, the garage has also become an extension of the home on multiple levels. Most garages today are actually attached to the main home. In many cases garage designs include upper level living space that ties in to the rest of the home, e.g. bedrooms and office space.

The garage has also become an alternative to the basement or attic for storing items. Today you can buy elaborate garage storage systems for maximizing garage floor, wall and overhead space.

Garages are also popular for housing small workshops. Garage conversions are also common for creating new and inexpensive finished living space such as home offices, family rooms and bedrooms.

In the below articles and videos you will find helpful material on planning a new garage addition or garage conversion project, installing garage doors or door openers, and the latest information pertaining to garage storage equipment and accessories.

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