Garage Ceiling Storage Solutions

Remove Garage Floor Clutter with a Garage Ceiling Storage Solution

By Mark J. Donovan

If you want to free up floor space in your garage and you have high garage ceilings, then you may want to look into garage ceiling storage solutions. There are a number of storage manufacturers who make garage ceiling storage solutions that include suspended ceiling shelving, storage pulley systems, and storage solutions for bikes. Pulley based storage systems are particularly useful for fast store and recovery of frequently used items, such as bikes.

Many garage ceiling storage systems are designed to compliment garage storage cabinet systems and are designed to support heavy loads.

Besides just basic storage bins and shelves, there are also garage ceiling storage solutions that include pole systems and racks for supporting bikes, as well as motorized platforms for quickly raising and lowering large storage trays or bins.

When considering installing a garage ceiling storage system it is important to look at its rate weighting. Overhead storage solutions can support as little as 45 lbs for a bike pole, and up to 600 lbs for storing an array of items on a tray, platform, rack or bin. Many overhead storage manufacturers offer manual rope hoist systems and electric motor hoist systems for raising and lowering garage ceiling storage trays and bins.

There are also garage overhead storage racks available that can be mounted on garage ceilings and walls where items that are less frequently used can be stored. Again, there are different weight ratings for these types of overhead solutions so make sure you select a solution that is right for your garage storage needs.

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So if you want to organize your garage and create more floor space in it, and you have high garage ceilings, consider storing infrequently and frequently used items overhead. There are many garage ceiling storage solutions to choose from and you can install them yourself or have the manufacturer install them for you.

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