Garage Door Seals

How to Install Garage Door Seals and Garage Door Threshold Seals

By Mark J. Donovan

Garage door seals play an important role in preventing cold air, wind driven rain, snow, dust, rodents, snakes, and insects from getting into your garage. A garage door threshold seal helps to keep the contents of your garage cleaner and drier. In addition, it helps keep your garage warmer and more energy efficient. In some cases garage doors may have garage door seal weather stripping attached to the bottom of it. In other cases garage door threshold seals are attached to the garage floor just underneath where the garage door closes. And in some cases, both may be installed.

It is important to inspect garage door seals and threshold weather stripping annually for cracks, splits, and warping. If damage is observed, the seal should be promptly replaced.

Garage door seal kits can be purchased from home improvement centers as well as on-line. Garage door threshold weather stripping can also be purchased in 10 to 30 foot lengths. When choosing a replacement garage door weather seal make sure it will hold up to extreme temperature changes. It’s important that the garage door threshold seal be flexible in even the coldest of temperatures. Otherwise it may become brittle and crack under cold temperatures.

When installing a garage door threshold seal make sure to thoroughly clean the garage floor first where the weather stripping will attach to it. When installing a garage door seal to the bottom of the garage door also make sure the bottom of the garage door is thoroughly clean after removing the old garage door seal. To remove the old garage door seal use a hammer and flat bar to gently pry it away from the garage door bottom.

Installing Garage Door Seal

If attaching a garage door seal to the bottom of the garage door use non-corrosive nails, preferably the ones that that come with the kit, to attach it to the bottom of the garage door.

Garage Door Seal

Make sure to position the garage door seal in the proper direction per the manufacturer’s directions. Work from either left to right or right to left when fastening the garage door seal to the door. Also, do not trim the garage door weatherstripping until after you have completely fastened it to the garage door.

Installing Garage Door Threshold Seal

If you are installing a garage door threshold seal, simply position it so that it will sit centered underneath the closed garage door and trace out its location with a pencil. Also trim it to length as necessary.

Then temporarily remove the threshold garage seal, and apply the adhesive to the garage floor in the traced out area. Reposition the garage door threshold seal into the traced out area and press it firmly into place. Finally, close the garage door to make sure the garage door seal lines up correctly and does not shift when the door rests on it.

Allow the garage door to stay closed and wait 24 hours before driving over it.

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