Garage Flooring Options

Garage Flooring Options that can spruce up your Garage

By Mark J. Donovan

Applying a garage flooring covering is a great way to neaten up your garage. Most garage floors are simply concrete floors that have the tendency to collect dust and oil stains. By applying a garage flooring covering you can protect the garage floor and reduce the maintenance effort in keeping it clean. There are many garage flooring options to choose from and the cost of installation varies from the relatively inexpensive to the outrageously high.

Epoxy Garage Floor Paint

One of the most economical garage flooring options you can use is epoxy garage floor paint. An epoxy garage floor paint helps protects the garage floor from cracking and seals out moisture penetration.

It also makes garage floor maintenance a snap, as dust won’t stick to it and liquid spills can easily be wiped up. Epoxy garage floor paints are available in a variety of colors.

To apply epoxy garage floor paint, clean the garage floor thoroughly and then paint it on with a roller and/or brush. It normally dries in 24 hours. When preparing and cleaning the garage floor, you will want to make sure the garage floor is spotless before applying the epoxy. Otherwise the epoxy may not adhere well. First sweep and vacuum the garage floor thoroughly. Next, scrub the garage floor with a detergent and water to remove any old stains. You may even need to resort to muriatic acid for hard to remove stains. Finally fill any cracks in the garage floor.

After the garage floor is sufficiently clean and dry, apply a coat of epoxy garage floor paint. Wait 24 hours, and then apply a final coat.

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Please note that the epoxy fumes are dangerous and thus you should wear a respirator when applying it to the garage floor.

There are however, a few disadvantages to epoxy garage floor paints. First, they will not adhere well if the garage floor has a moisture problem. So test your garage floor for moisture problems before electing to use an epoxy paint. Second, epoxy paint can become a little soft feeling if exposed to elevated temperatures. Third, they can be a little slippery when wet. Finally, epoxy garage floor paints can be damaged if certain chemicals are spilled on them.

Acrylic and Polyurethane Garage Flooring Options

Besides epoxy garage floor paints, there are also clear acrylic and polyurethane garage floor coverings that can be used. These types of garage flooring options are very durable and resist cracking and peeling. Again, however, they require extensive garage floor cleaning prior to applying them. In addition, with polyurethane a primer needs to be applied first to ensure a proper bonding to the garage floor.

Garage Floor Tile and Mat Systems

In addition to epoxy and sealers, there are also garage floor tile and mat systems. These types of garage flooring options are expensive, but provide a beautiful garage floor finish.

They are available in many different types of materials and patterns, and as a result, many auto enthusiasts use these types of garage flooring options in their garages.

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