Garage Door Threshold Seal

Installing a Garage Door Threshold Seal or Garage Door Seal

By Mark J. Donovan

A garage door threshold seal is used to keep your garage dry and clean, as well as free from rodents, reptiles and insects. A garage door threshold seal also helps to keep your garage and home more energy efficient by preventing cold and hot outside air from entering your garage and home. A garage door seal also helps to prevent wind driven rain and snow from entering the garage.

A garage door threshold seal mounts to the garage floor and is used to create an air and water tight seal with the bottom of the garage door.

It is fastened to the garage floor with an adhesive. A garage door seal, on the other hand, is nailed to the bottom of the garage door and again is used to create a tight water and air seal with the garage floor.

If your garage door threshold seal or garage door seal has failed it’s time to replace it. If you see puddles of rain water, snow, or melted snow inside your garage adjacent to the garage door after a storm chances are your garage door seal has failed. Open the garage door and examine the garage door threshold seal, or garage door seal, for cracks and splits. If you see any damage to the garage door seal or threshold seal then replace it. If, in the case of the garage door seal type, you do not see any damage then you may need to adjust the garage door so that it closes more tightly with the garage floor.

Installing Garage Door Threshold Seal

Garage door threshold seals can be purchased from any home improvement center or hardware store.

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Typically they come in 10 to 30 foot lengths and should be fastened to the garage floor with an adhesive. Make sure to purchase one that is rugged and that will withstand severe temperate swings without cracking.

Prior to installing a new garage door threshold seal first remove the old garage door threshold seal with a scraper or flat edge tool.

Then place the new garage door threshold seal onto the garage floor and position it so that it fits perfectly centered underneath the garage door when it is closed. Make sure you position the seal in the proper direction per the manufacturer’s directions. Also, trim the garage door threshold seal to the required length. With the seal positioned in place trace out its outline with a pencil. Then set the garage door threshold seal aside and apply a recommended adhesive to the garage floor in the area that you marked with a pencil.

Then reposition the garage door threshold seal into place and press it firmly into the adhesive.

 Garage Door Threshold installation

Next, close the garage door to make sure that it sits centered tightly over the garage door threshold seal. With the garage door closed, allow the adhesive to set up for 24 hours before driving over the threshold seal.

Installing a Garage Door Seal

If you are replacing a garage door seal use a hammer and flatbar to remove the old one from the bottom of the garage door.

Using non-corrosive nails fasten the new garage door seal to the bottom of the garage door moving either from left-to-right or right-to-left when installing it.

Once the new garage door seal has been fastened to the garage door bottom, trim the excess side garaged door seal material to the width of the garage door.

Close the garage door to make sure there is a tight seal with the garage floor.

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