Garage Vinyl Floor Matting

Roll-Out Garage Vinyl Floor Matting provides a Lower Cost Alternative for Protecting Garage Floors

By Mark J. Donovan

Garage floors are susceptible to oil spills and other liquids that can stain or damage the surface of your garage floor. Applying an epoxy paint is one of the most common solutions for protecting a garage floor, however there is a lot of prep time required before applying a garage epoxy paint. The garage floor needs to be spotlessly clean if the epoxy paint is to adhere well to the garage floor. One alternative to applying an epoxy paint to your garage floor is to use roll-out garage vinyl floor matting.

Roll-out garage vinyl floor matting is easy to install, as you simply roll it out. There are no adhesives required. All that is needed for tools is a utility knife to cut around objects.

Adjacent sections are designed to overlap smoothly. It is also easy to clean, as it can be rolled up, taken outside and hosed off.

Roll out garage vinyl floor matting is available in a variety of shapes, sizes and patterns. You can purchase it in widths from 7.5 to 10 feet, and in lengths up to 60 feet long. It also comes in various thicknesses, including 0.055”, 0.075, and 0.085”. Patterns include ribbed, diamond, coin and levant. In addition, garage floor matting is also available in a number of colors.

Compared to the cost of having an epoxy paint applied to your garage floor, the cost of installing garage vinyl floor matting is about 2/3rds less money.

On the down side, garage vinyl floor matting has the tendency to curl on the edges, and it is important to install it as soon as you get it. The longer you leave it rolled up in its package the higher the probability it will not lay flat and that the edges will curl. Taping the back side can reduce the risk of curling.

So if you want to protect your garage floors and have a limited budget and time, look into garage vinyl floor matting.

Garage Vinyl Floor Matting

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