Installing Garage Shelves

Unclutter your Garage by Installing Garage Shelves

By Mark J. Donovan

By installing garage shelves you can transform an often cluttered and unusable space into a neat and open area for storing cars and other times. Garage shelves are easy to install, and can be either made on site, or purchased pre-fabricated from any home improvement center.

For many, a garage is more than a space for storing automobiles. It is also a place for storing lawn equipment, bikes, tools and other items. As a matter of fact, garages are frequently used for storing everything except automobiles.

Unfortunately storing items in the garage often means placing the items on the floor and forevermore having to walk and maneuver around them. Using a garage as a cluttered warehouse is a waste of space and money. By installing garage shelves you can free up the garage floor and create more floor space in your garage.

The easiest and fastest way to install garage shelves is to purchase them from a local home improvement center. There are numerous types available that are made out of metal, plastic and wood. Many offer various features including adjustable shelf heights and depths. You can usually assemble them within an hour.

Alternatively you can build and install your own free-standing garage shelves. With a few 2x4s, screws, and some 5/8” CDX plywood you can build and install a set of garage shelves in an afternoon.

In addition, you can purchase or build wall hanging garage shelves. There are numerous wire shelves on the market that can be quickly installed. Common depths are 12” and 16”. To install wire shelving, simply screw the adjustable brackets onto wall studs, slip the hangers onto the brackets, and snap the wire shelves in place. Alternatively, you can again use some 2x4s, screws, and plywood to create wall hanging garage shelves.

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