Benefits of Building a Garage Addition

Why you shouldn’t delay in Building a Garage Addition Today

By Mark J. Donovan

Building a garage addition has many benefits. If you live in a colder climate, and don’t have a garage, you know what it is like to step out of your house into a -10o F morning to go start the car. Sometimes the door locks are frozen, the car seat is stiff to sit in and the engine is sluggish to start, if it does at all. After about 5 minutes of running the engine, the car is usually warm enough to begin to see the windows defrost.

If you change the oil and perform other maintenance tasks on your car, and don’t have a garage, you know what it is like to crawl under the car out in the driveway and roll in the dirt and have insects crawling on you while you’re loosening the oil pan nut.

If you live in a neighborhood with teenagers, and you don’t have a garage, you know what it is like to go out to your car on the occasional morning and see it vandalized in some way.

For years I went without a garage. Then one day, about 10 years ago, I said enough and began plans for building a garage addition onto my home. It was the best investment I ever made. Today when I walk out to my garage in the middle of the winter I read the temperature in my car before I start the engine.

Then as I drive down the road I watch the temperature drop. Sometimes it drops as much as 30oF in just 5 minutes of driving. Every degree the temperature drops I smile a little more knowing my car was safely protected during the night in my new garage. I also enjoy the fact that I don’t have to defrost or scrape the windows in the morning, nor have to worry as much about theft and vandalism.

Garage Addition Bid Sheet

For me, building a garage addition has also provided other benefits to our home. In addition to being a great place to perform maintenance on the cars, it is also a great place to do home improvement projects. I can park the cars out of the garage and set up my table saws and benches to work on various home building projects.

The kids have also found some other useful benefits of the garage. In the winter they’ve used the open space of the garage for playing. Sometimes using their skates, and even bikes in the garage.

Building a garage addition has also provided us with some additional storage space. When planning the garage, I made sure it would be large enough to support two cars, along with benches, cabinets, lawnmowers, and a snow blower. Prior to the garage addition all these items, less the cars, had to be stored in the basement.

Costs of Building a Garage Addition

The cost of building a garage addition is relatively low compared to other home or room addition projects, as garages typically do not require plumbing, insulation and sheetrocking.

 attached garage addition

Off course insulation and sheetrocking will provide a more finished and warmer garage addition and space during the winter months, and as a result I would highly recommend it, but the choice is yours.
So if you have been holding off on building a garage addition onto your home, consider the aforementioned and talk to an architect and general contractor.

You may be surprised on the affordability of building a garage addition, and you will certainly experience the same benefits that I have.

For more information on building a garage addition see the Garage Addition Bid Sheet from The Garage Addition Bid Sheet includes an extensive questionnaire (Request for Quote) that a homeowner can provide to prospective general contractors and subcontractors for bidding the garage addition. In addition, the Garage Addition Bid Sheet also includes estimated costs and time intervals for constructing a garage addition as well as a list of key home material manufacturers. Finally, the Garage Addition Bid sheet includes an extensive set of helpful tips and advice on making sure the garage addition is built properly and on time and budget.

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