Removing Garage Floor Oil Spots and Grease Stains

Tips on How to Remove Garage Floor Oil and Grease Stains

By Mark J. Donovan

Garage floor oils spots and grease stains are a common problem due to the fact that we store automobiles in our garages. One way to avoid concrete garage floor oil spots is by simply laying a mat on the garage floor underneath the engine area of the cars. You can either buy a manufactured garage floor mat or construct your own out of plastic and cardboard. Removing garage floor oil spots can be difficult and quite honestly you may never entirely remove the oil spot or stain. You can, however, consider painting or sealing the garage floor to hide the oil spots and stains.

To attempt to remove a garage floor oil spot or grease stain, first mop up as much of the oil or grease as possible using kitty litter.

Work the kitty litter into the oil spot area with a broom. Let the kitty litter lie on the oil spot overnight to allow it to absorb as much of the oil spill as possible.

After sweeping up the kitty litter, use warm water and a mild soap detergent, and repeatedly wash the oil spot area with a stiff bristle brush.

Let the oil spot area fully dry out to see the progress that you have made. If the stain is still visible, then use baking soda and a little water, and rub it over the oil spot using a small stiff brush. Really work the baking soda paste into the concrete garage floor. After scrubbing the area for awhile, rinse the floor and again let the area dry. Examine the results later after the floor has dried.

If you are still not satisfied with the results, try using an off the shelf heavy duty garage floor cleaner or stain remover.

There are a number of products on the market that are non-corrosive, non toxic and biodegradable, that do a fairly good job.

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Alternatively you can also try using Trisodium Phosphate (TSP). Simply wet the oil spill area, sprinkle a little on, and scrub using a stiff brush or broom. Let the solution sit for about an hour before rinsing with water. Make sure, however that the garage is well ventilated when using a commercial floor cleaner or TSP, and always where eye, hand, and other protective clothing.

Lastly you can try using muriatic acid, the same stuff that masons use on chimneys and other masonry work. Again, it is extremely important to be careful when using this product as it can harm your. Read the manufacturer’s directions and precautions carefully before using.

In the end, if none of these solutions for removing garage floor oil spots is adequate enough, consider sealing or painting the garage floor. And in the future, always put some type of mat down on the garage floor, underneath the engine area of your cars, to prevent further stains from occurring.

 Removing Garage Floor Oil Spots and Grease Stains

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