Taping and Mudding Drywall Video – How to Tape and Mud Drywall

Step by step Video instructions on Taping and Mudding Drywall

By Mark J. Donovan

In this video Mark Donovan, of HomeAdditionPlus.com steps you through the process of taping and mudding drywall.

Taping and Mudding drywall or sheetrock can be performed by a do it yourself homeowner, however it takes a little knowledge and some artistry.

Taping and Mudding drywall is a three step process. It starts with applying drywall tape, by seating it in a bed of joint compound, or drywal mud.

At least two applications of joint compound (mud) are then applied over the drywall tape.

In between coats of joint compound, sanding is performed. Unless your a professional drywall. 

Most professional drywallers simply knock off the high spots of joint compound mud after it has dried and then apply the next layer of mud. Only after the final drywall mud application do they sand the dried joint compound/drywall mud.

When done right, after a coat of primer and paint, your finished walls should look perfectly smooth.

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