Wall Anchor Types Video

Common Drywall Wall Anchor Types including Plastic Wall Anchors, Winged Plastic Wall Anchors and Toggle Bolt Anchors

By Mark J. Donovan

In this video, Mark Donovan of HomeAdditionPlus.com discusses the various wall anchor types for drywall applications and how to properly install them.

There are three common wall anchor types for drywall. They include the very often used and abused plastic wall anchor, the plastic winged wall anchor and the toggle bolt wall anchor.

The plastic wall anchor is installed by drilling or punching a small pilot hole into the drywall just a slight smaller than the diameter of the plastic wall anchor.

The plastic wall anchor is then pushed and tapped in with a hammer so that it is flush with the drywall. Plastic wall anchors are meant to hold about 10 lbs maximum.

Plastic winged wall anchors have a pair of wings that flair out in the back when they are pushed through the pre-drilled drywall hole.

As a machine screw is threaded through the plastic winged wall anchor, the wings spread out and tighten up snuggly against the back of the drywall, thus achieving additional support strength compared to the standard plastic wall anchor.

Toggle bolt anchors provide the most strength for supporting wall items.

Toggle bolt anchors included a pair of spring loaded metal wings and a machine screw. Based on the length and diameter of the wings they can support various loads.

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Due to their construction and the fact that they are made out of metal they can support significant amounts of weight. For example, a toggle bolt with a 1/8 inch diameter machine screw, can support up to 50 lbs in 1/2 inch drywall. In addition, depending upon the length of the machine screw, a toggle bolt can support various wall thicknesses.

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