How to Water Your Lawn Properly

Watering Tips for Keeping your Lawn Green and Healthy this Spring and Summer

By Mark J. Donovan

With spring now upon us it’s time to think about pulling out the lawnmower, applying fertilizer to the lawn, and watering your lawn regularly. Lawn watering is essential for keeping your lawn green and healthy. However the question that always comes up with homeowners is “how much should I water it”? The standard rule of thumb is that a lawn needs about inch of water a week.

So how do you calculate that using your sprinkler? Well it’s fairly easy to find out. Place a cup on the lawn where you have the sprinkler going and see how long it takes to fill the cup an inch. If, for example, it takes the sprinkler an hour to fill the cup, then you know you need to water the lawn approximately 1/8th inch a day or a quarter of an inch every other day.

It is also best to water your lawn early in the morning. In the morning temperatures are typically cooler and there is less wind, so you have fewer concerns about evaporation and uneven application of the lawn watering.

Watering your lawn in the evening is not advised due to the fact that the lawn can stay wet all night long, which can lead to mold growth issues.

It’s also important to water your lawn slowly so that the lawn and soil have time to absorb the water efficiently and effectively. Watering the lawn too fast is also a waste of water. Watering lawns to quickly simply leads to water runoff.

Also make sure to water your lawn evenly. This will mean having to move the sprinkler around the lawn area periodically.

Place small containers in various spots on your lawn to ensure that you get an even application of water on the lawn. An irrigation system can eliminate this hassle, however it’s an expensive endeavor.

If you do have a lawn water irrigation system, also consider cycling the zones two times during a lawn watering session. For example, cycle through and water each zone for about 15 minutes, and then repeat once again. This allows the water to get two applications of water and enables the water to better absorb into the soil!

Install an irrigation system to ensure you lawn is water regularly and properly.

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