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How-to Information on Choosing and Installing House Siding and Making Siding Repairs

Home siding plays an important role in protecting your house from the natural elements. There are many house siding materials to choose from when considering replacing your home’s existing home siding.

Besides protecting your home from nature’s elements, home siding can also make or break your home’s curb appeal. There are a wide variety of home siding materials to choose from. Home siding options include vinyl siding, cedar siding, cedar shakes, and Masonite siding to name just a few.

Do it yourself house siding installation is a major homeowner endeavor, and some home sidings such as vinyl siding, are more difficult to install than others. This said, do it yourself home siding can be done with some upfront knowledge, access to staging and/or ladders, and the right tools. Included in the articles and videos below is helpful information on home siding material choices and tips on installing house siding and repairing home siding.

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Home Siding Materials and Repairing Home Siding Articles

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Patching Wood Siding Ebook – If you require detailed instructions, and pictures for patching wood siding see HomeAdditionPlus.com’s Patching Wood Siding Ebook. This Ebook provides very detailed instructions, along with pictures for each key step in the process of patching wood siding.

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