Vinyl Siding Adding Value to Your Home

Vinyl Siding Can Restore Equity and Value Back into Your Home

By Mark J. Donovan

For many homeowners who look for ways to increase the utility and value of their home they decide upon remodeling the kitchen or bathroom, or putting on a home addition. However, there’s another less expensive way to improve the marketability of your home. First impressions are often what sell a home. Consequently nothing could be more important when it comes to curb appeal than the state of the house siding. If the house siding is peeling or chipping away, the house can look old and run down. Moreover, the first thing that runs through the prospective buyer’s mind, is “if that’s what it looks on the outside what the heck must it look like on the inside”.

Consequently installing vinyl siding can add tremendous value to your home. Vinyl siding can make your home look like new on the outside. In addition, installing vinyl siding is very economical to do. Consequently its return on an investment is very high.

Another major advantage of adding vinyl siding to your home is that it means lower maintenance. Vinyl siding simply needs to be cleaned periodically. There’s no scraping and painting required, as is the case with wood house siding. With today’s busy lifestyles, most home buyers value seeing vinyl siding on a home. Also, vinyl siding has come a long way from 20 years ago in both its appearance and durability. Vinyl siding products of today no longer have that shiny appearance. They have textured surfaces that resemble real wood and come in many different colors, including natural colors that very closely resemble various wood siding products and natural colors.

When looking into adding vinyl siding to your home, look for the highest quality product you can buy.

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Also, aim for using lighter colors or natural colors. These types of colors have more appeal to the general public, and more importantly, prospective home buyers. Lighter colors also make the home appear larger.

Vinyl siding is typically very inexpensive to install compared to other house siding products. This said, vinyl siding prices due vary depending upon the manufacturer, style, quality of the particular product, and the color selection.

Vertical vinyl siding is typically the most expensive type due to the fact that it has two key advantages over horizontally installed vinyl siding. Vertical siding is easier to clean and is at lower risk of water damage concerns. Cleaning vinyl siding simply involves washing down the siding with either a garden hose, or pressure washer, and a mild detergent. Again, the vinyl siding should be cleaned once a year or so.

To conclude, adding vinyl siding to your home is a great way to increase its curb appeal and to add value to your home.

Vinyl siding adds value to home

In addition, it will dramatically reduce maintenance efforts and costs by no longer having to paint the home every few years. So check out the plethora of vinyl siding options available to you and select a style and color that is right for your budget.

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