Pressure Washing Vinyl Siding – Clean House Siding Fast

Pressure Washing Vinyl Siding is a Fast Way to Clean House Siding when Done Carefully

By Mark J. Donovan

Pressure washing vinyl siding is a great way to clean house siding. Vinyl siding, like any other home siding, gets dirty over time. Pollen from trees, as well as dirt and dust, and even emissions from automobiles can wind up sticking on your home’s vinyl siding. In many cases these substances can act as food for mold and mildew spores and end up turning parts of your house siding green.

Pressure washing vinyl siding is one of the fastest and best methods to clean house siding. However it is important to use the lowest pressure setting on the pressure washer, and to always point the nozzle in the downward direction.

Water can easily work its way behind house vinyl siding if you point the nozzle upwards, and in many cases there is not a waterproof barrier on the home’s wood sheathing to protect it from water penetration. Also, it is important to position the nozzle a few feet away from the house vinyl siding to prevent damaging it.

When pressure washing vinyl siding use either a mild dish detergent or a specially formulated vinyl siding cleaning solution that is designed to work with your pressure washer.

If using a specially formulated vinyl siding solution, make sure to first read the instructions on how to dilute it with water.

In addition to a pressure washer and detergent you may need a ladder or two.

In preparation for pressure washing vinyl siding, hose down any near shrubs or cover them with a protective drop cloth, to prevent any damage to them that may be caused by the cleaning chemicals.

Again, if using a specially formulated vinyl siding cleaning solution, read the instructions for protecting your home’s shrubs.

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To pressure wash vinyl siding, start by rinsing the vinyl siding starting at the base of the house and then working your way upwards, however keep the pressure nozzle facing in a downward direction at all times.

Once you have rinsed a section of the vinyl siding surface area, e.g. 100-200 square feet of area, apply the detergent to the vinyl siding using the pressure washer nozzle. Note depending upon the type of pressure washer you are using, you may need to use a specific nozzle when applying the detergent.

After you have sprayed on the detergent, allow it to sit for just a couple of minutes, and then rinse it off with the pressure washer. If there are areas that require additional effort to clean, use a soft brush on them before rising with the pressure washer.

How to clean vinyl siding

Continue to work your way up the exterior walls to clean the house siding thoroughly, making sure to rinse carefully from top to bottom. Again, you may need to employ ladders to ensure that you are always aiming the pressure washer nozzle in a downward position.

Pressure washing vinyl siding is a fast and effective way to clean your home’s siding. However expect to spend the better part of a day doing it and getting a little wet in the process.

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