Outdoor Storage Sheds

Outdoor Storage Sheds are great for Storing Yard Tools

By Mark J. Donovan

Outdoor storage sheds are excellent for storing yard tools and lawnmowers, and they are easy to build. Outdoor storage sheds can also be purchased at most home improvement centers.

After living in a home for awhile it is very common to find yourself outgrowing your garage and needing an outdoor storage shed or garden shed. Between the cars, bikes, lawnmowers, and benches your garage becomes an obstacle course. In addition, your cars wind up getting dings due to bike handles and other objects bumping up against them. Outdoor storage sheds can eliminate garage clutter and damage to your cars.

When you come to the point where you decide to build an outside storage shed the two most important questions you need to ask yourself are:

  • Where will I put the storage shed
  • How big of a garage storage shed do I need
Determining the location of your outdoor storage shed most likely will require municipal approval as there are usually lot set back requirements. So check with your local building inspector in advance to help determine where you cannot place your outdoor storage shed. I find that having a storage shed located some distance from the house is preferable. Typically storage sheds are not accessed every day so having to take a few extra seconds to get to it is not much of an issue. If you plan on running electricity to your shed, then you may want it closer, just to ease in the installation of electrical conduit. Here is a garden shed my father built.

The next big question is the size of the storage shed. Most people underestimate the size of their outdoor storage shed requirements, or attempt to skimp on it to cut down on property tax bill increases.

Yes, the local town officials will hit you up for additional property taxes, so be forewarned. Skimping on the size of your outdoor storage shed or garden shed is a big mistake. Why spend several days building a shed to find out that it is just not quite big enough to get all of your yard and garden tools in it.

The best advice I can suggest for determining the appropriate size for your outside storage shed is to roll out the lawnmower, bikes and anything else you have planned for your shed and compile it in a rectangular area on your driveway. From this exercise you can determine the right size for your storage shed. Also keep in mind when determining the size of your outdoor storage shed, that you may want to move around in it, and even have a little room to work in it, e.g. a workbench.

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In the end, I would recommend a shed size with a width of 10 feet and a length of 12-14 feet.

Once you have decided upon the location and size of your outdoor storage shed, next comes the decision on whether or not to buy a prefabricated outdoor storage shed or build your own storage shed. My personal opinion is that you should build your own shed. Building your own outdoor storage shed is much less expensive than buying a prefabricated outdoor storage shed and I think you will get a better product. This said, if you are not handy or lack the time there are a variety of prefabricated outdoor storage shed suppliers on the market to choose from.

In addition to the location, size, and make versus buy decision on an outdoor storage shed, also consider the installation of windows, and even skylights.

Without electricity in the shed, you will need some natural light. Finally, make sure you install a door large enough to enable you to drive lawnmowers and other large yard equipment into it.

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