How to Install Vinyl Gutters Video

Step by Step Instructions on Installing Vinyl Gutters and Downspouts

By Mark J. Donovan

In this video Mark Donovan of shows how to install vinyl gutters and gutter downspouts.

When installing vinyl gutters start by running a string the length of the roof edge where you want to install gutters. The string should be fastened to nails at each end of the roof edge and should have a slope of 1/16th inch per foot to ensure adequate gutter drainage.

See this video on getting the proper gutter slope, when installing plastic gutters.

Installing Vinyl Gutters

After running the string line install gutter brackets along the length of the string line. The gutter brackets should be spaced at standard intervals, e.g. every 4 to 5 feet, along the length of the roof edge.

In addition, install gutter seam brackets where required, relative to the length of rain gutter sections you’re installing. Also install gutter downspout brackets at the ends of the gutter. 

Make sure to first snap in end caps on the gutter downspout brackets before fastening them to the roof edge. Also, make sure to secure the gutter brackets to the roof edge using non-corrosive screws.

Once the gutter brackets are in place, snap in the lengths of vinyl gutters. Where necessary cut the vinyl gutters using a miter saw. Make sure gutter ends snap firmly into place at gutter seam brackets.

Installing Gutter Downspouts

For the gutter downspouts place one gutter downspout elbow on the end of the gutter downspout bracket and another one up against the wall of the home. Measure the distance between the two elbow pieces and cut a length of downspout.

Dry-fit the elbows and gutter downspout piping together and position into place at the underside of the gutter downspout bracket. Then mark on the side of the house where the bottom elbow bracket touches the side of the home.

Next make a mark with a pencil on the side of the home where you want the gutter downspout to turn outwards away from the home. Measure the distance between the two marks you just made and cut a length of gutter downspout piping.

Dry-fit all the pieces, including a gutter elbow at the bottom of the downspout. If all looks proper apply silicone adhesive to each elbow and the lengths of downspout tubing and fasten them together.

Next install the entire gutter downspout assembly into the base of the gutter downspout bracket and hold it in place with a brick or blocking at the bottom of the downspout.

Then attach brackets to hold the gutter downspout to the side of the home.

Repeat this process for any additional gutter downspouts.

Once the silicon adhesive has had time to fully dry, remove the bricks or blocking material to allow the gutter downspouts to hang freely.

Lastly, attach metal gutter screens in the gutter downspouts, up in the top of the gutters. The gutter screens help mitigate small debris from getting into the gutters and clogging them.

That’s all there is to it in regards to how to install vinyl gutters. Good luck with your other home improvement projects.

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