Top Ten House Alarm and Home Security Devices

The Ten Most Useful Home Security Devices in a House Alarm System

By Mark J. Donovan

Though a dog is man’s best friend it’s not necessarily an adequate home security device or a house alarm system. If you want to have a more secure home you need to back up your dog with a house alarm system and preferably a managed home security system. A house alarm and home security system can offer you and your family more than simple protection from theft and invasion. It can also prevent the emotional trauma that often comes to homeowners who have been burglarized and have had their privacy violated. A house alarm system can also lower your annual homeowner’s insurance costs.

When selecting a house alarm system, there are a number of key home security devices that you should include in your shopping cart. I summarize them below.

1) Master Control Panel – This is the hub of your home security and house alarm system. It is typically located in an easily accessible place, e.g. the main entrance to the home, and is wall mounted. The master control panel is where all of the house alarm sensors tie into. It is also where the key pad is for activating and deactivating the home security system. It is also often connected into the home’s phone system.

2) Installation and Managed Home Security Services – A loud house alarm siren is not adequate for protecting your home, albeit it can scare off most burglars. But this said, by hiring a home security installation professional and having the home security system monitored and managed by an outside service company you can ensure a superior home security system.

3) Motion detectors – Motion sensors should be included with every home security system. This way if the burglar gets through the first line of defense and into the home the motion sensors can still alert you and your family of a threat to your home. Just make sure the motion detectors are located such that the pets don’t inadvertently set off the system.

4) Key Pads – Every home security system should include key pads. Exterior mounted key pads can be used for normal access to the home.

Freeze alarm for house.

You can also purchase remote control key pads to keep in your car or on your person. Make sure to install key pads that have automatic lock out features so that if too many failed attempts are attempted on them the key pad will automatically lock down until reset by you or a home security management service.

5) Wireless House Alarm Systems – Wireless house alarm systems are ideal for the diy homeowner. They are also less expensive to install due to the fact that wires don’t need to be run all throughout the house. In addition, there are no wires to cut by would-be-burglars with a wireless home security system.

6) Smoke Detectors – Makes sure your home security system also includes smoke detectors. Not only will they give you advance warning to get out of your house they’ll also call the fire and police departments too.

7) Back-Up Power Supply – What happens when you lose power to your home? Make sure you home security system also includes a back-up power supply so you don’t lose home security protection when your home is most vulnerable.

8) House Alarm and “Beware of Dog” Signs and Decals – Make sure you home security system also includes various yard signs and window decals stating that your home is protected and monitored by a home security system and that there is a dog on the premises.

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9) Key Fobs and Remote Controls – Make sure your home alarm system includes key fobs and remotes so that you can control your home security system at a distance. Key fobs are akin to buttons that you can press to activate the alarm system and to notify others for emergency assistance.

10) Voice Communicating Devices – Talking home security alarm systems are helpful in helping you understand the condition of your home security system.

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