Motion Detector Technology for Home Security

Motion Detectors are an Integral Part of any Home Security System Today

By Mark J. Donovan

Motion detectors are commonplace in or around homes today. They are used in a variety of security applications including automatically turning on outdoor spot lights when movement is detected in the motion detector’s field of view. In addition, motion detector technology is also used inside the home as part of home security solutions. Small motion detectors are located in various non-description areas inside the home to detect movement. The motion detectors feed into a home security system that can activate the system to call security or police when there is unexpected movement in the home.

Besides being in integral part of residential home security systems today, motion detectors are also used in or around the home for convenience and safety reasons.

For example, motion detector technology is used today for helping to light walkways, driveways and footpaths around the home during evening hours when people are walking near the home. Moreover, motion detector controlled lights are also used inside the home so that when someone enters the home during the evening hours the lights automatically turn on, thus eliminating the need to fumble around looking and feeling around for the light switches.

Today’s motion detector controlled lights can be adjusted to control the field of view, or the position of field of view, as well as the overall sensitivity to motion. As a result, gone are the days where even a small animal such as a squirrel could trigger the motion detector controlled light to turn on. With today’s motion detector lighting technology you can zero in to when and in what field of view you only want the lights to turn on.

On the inside of the home, and when used in home security systems, motion detectors are often located near exterior doors, in hallways and stairways. In addition, at least one motion detector is located on each level of the home.

Motion Detector Technology built into exterior lights.

Motion detector technology is also used to notify security, and even medical alert systems, if no motion has been detected over a set period of time. This type of technology is often used in homes with elderly people. If the motion detector does not detect any movement for a predetermined significant amount of time, a medical alert system will automatically call the medial alert company to have someone check-in on the elderly person.

Motion Detector Installation

So you may want to consider employing motion detector technology in your home. Motion detectors provide both security and convenience, both inside and outside the home, and they are inexpensive and easy to install.

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