Digital Keys for the Home

Traditional Door Locks and Keys are Being Replaced By Digital Technology

By Mark J. Donovan

Digital keys and locks are rapidly replacing the traditional door key and lock. Digital door keys and door locks come in a number of options, including wireless and remote, pushbutton, combination, magnetic readers, finger print activated key locks and other biometric key systems. Digital keys offer a number of advantages.

First they are less apt to break or wear out due to the fact that there is no wear and tear from pieces of metal rubbing against one another.

Second, you don’t have to sweat having someone steal your keys.

Third, with pushbutton and combination locks there is no concern about losing your keys.


Lastly, they include just as sturdy dead bolt lock mechanisms as traditional door locks, so there is no concern for an easier break in when using a digital key/lock system.

Digital keys and locks can be installed by the moderately skilled do it yourself homeowner, however a skilled locksmith or trained technician is often necessary for installing a digital key lock security system.

Though digital key/lock systems have been around for decades they often were too big or no aesthetically attractive to mount in or on a home. Times have changed, however, and today there are a plethora of digital key locks systems that are very fashionable for the home.

So for your next door key/lock system take a look at the variety of digital keys and lock systems on the market today designed specifically for the home. Make sure also to carefully evaluate the warranties of each type.

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