Home Security – How to Make Your Home More Burglar Resistant

Home Security Measures that can take to prevent Your Home from Being Burglarized

By Mark J. Donovan

Having your home burglarized is both financially and emotionally upsetting. It happened twice to me in a 3 month span years ago. Though homeowners insurance mitigated the financial losses, It took a year for our family to feel comfortable in our own home again. There’s something about having your personal life invaded and violated by strangers that’s not easy to wipe away from your thoughts.

After the two robberies we took a number of steps to make our home more burglar resistant. We’ve never had our homes burglarized again. Summarized below I share some of the steps we took to make our home more burglar resistant.

Get a Watch Dog

We actually wound up getting a Doberman pincher after the second burglary. It turned out that not only was our dog a terrific guard dog, he was also a fabulous pet and friend. We had him for several years until he succumbed to a hip disease, however during the years we had him our home was never burglarized. Till this day I still wonder if the burglars that robbed us twice came back for a third attempt and were greeted by Joshua. Granted we had a “Beware of Dog” sign up, but I always wonder how Joshua may have greeted them.

If you do get a guard dog, make sure to put a “Beware of Dog” sign up in your yard or on the entrance to your house. You’d be surprised how many would-be-burglars successfully sue homeowners for being attacked by a dog when they attempted to burglarize your home. It is surprising how a thief can so easily become the poor victim in a court of law nowadays.

Install a Home Security Alarm System for Maximize your Home’s Burglar Resistance

You don’t necessarily need to spend a small fortune on a sophisticated home security alarm system. For just a couple hundred dollars you can purchase and install yourself a wireless home security alarm system. With these types of home security systems you can program them to automatically call up to three or four phone numbers in the event of an alarm condition in your house. Some home alarm systems can even tell you if you have a freeze condition or power loss event occurring in your home. I installed two Control Products FA-D2 Deluxe Freeze Alarm systems in my homes over the years. They work wonderfully and they are easy to install.

Put Decals on Windows to Increase Burglar Resistance

Even if you can’t afford a home alarm system at least put home security alarm decals on windows on your home, and preferably near the exterior doors. Also, even if you don’t have a dog put a “Beware of Dog” sign in the yard and on a couple of windows. Applying these simple decals can often provide just enough burglar resistance to your home to make a would-be-burglar think twice about robbing it.

Limit Your Answering Machine Message

Don’t leave a message on your answering machine that announces you are away on vacation or equivalent. Simply say that you can’t answer the phone at this time, leave a brief message and we will get back to you soon.

Install Anti-Lift Devices on Doors and Windows to Restrict Entry

Thieves don’t necessarily have to open locks or break down doors or windows to enter your home. They can also lift windows and sliding doors right out of their frames to get clean and easy access to your home. You can purchase anti-lift devices that prevent windows and sliding glass doors from being lifted out of their frames, and they are very easy to install.

Stop the Mail and Newspapers

If you’re going to be away for an extended period of time stop the mail and newspaper deliveries. A pile of newspapers left in the driveway or an overflowing mail box are sure signs to burglars that your home is ripe for the pickings.

Keep the Bushes Trimmed

Make sure all the bushes around your home are trimmed so that they can’t become hiding spots for burglars to work behind as they break in through a window.

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Leave a Spare Key with a Neighbor to Make Your Home More Burglar Resistant

Instead of leaving a key hidden under a doormat or under a rock in the flower garden, give your neighbor a spare key to your home in the event you accidentally lock yourself out of your home. You’d be surprised how quickly the experienced burglar can find hidden keys placed around your home.

By taking these simple home security measures you can go a long way in making your home more burglar resistant. In addition, you’ll mitigate the chances of feeling the financial and emotional loss associated with having your home burglarized.

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