Damaged Wet Subfloor During Home Construction

Should I be concerned if the Subfloor gets wet during Construction?

By Mark J. Donovan

Question: I am in the process of having a custom home built and I am concerned over the fact that the subfloor is getting wet. The subfloor is made out of 3/4th inch tongue and groove plywood and the walls are up, however the roof has yet to be installed. Should I be concerned that the subfloor is getting wet? Could the constant exposure to rain and snow damage the subfloor?

Answer: Every new home construction project is going to be exposed to the elements for some period of time, and frequently the subfloors do get wet from rain and snow.

Most of the time, however, a little rain and snow will not damage the subfloor. If at all possible, you should ensure that the subfloor is at least swept off after a rain or snow storm to help prevent damage to the subfloor. You may even want to use a wet-vac to remove as much of the water as possible.

If after the subfloor dries you see signs of delamination, swelling, warps or bulges, or if the subfloor feels punky, you should replace the damaged sections. If not replaced you may experience uneven finished floors. Carpet and especially ceramic tile can not be installed on non-solid surfaces.

Note that there are subflooring products on the market today, such as from Advantech, that are water resistant. 

Damaged Wet Subfloor During Home Construction

As a matter of fact, Advantech offers a 50 year warranty on its subflooring products. You may want to discuss this product with your builder prior to the construction of your home.

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