What Should You Know About House Flooring

Not all House Flooring Choices can be Used anywhere in the Home

By Mark J. Donovan

One of the most important things you need to know about house flooring is that they are not all appropriate for any living area within the home. More specifically, even if you’re considering buying a high end flooring product it may not be appropriate for the room you are considering installing it in. For example solid hardwood floors should never be installed in high moisture areas. They will expand and contract with the change in moisture levels. Moreover they will bow and crack over time.

For moist areas, such as in a basement you may want to instead go with an engineered wood flooring product. Engineered wood flooring is much more stable due to how it is fabricated using multiple orthogonal layers of wood veneers.

The top veneer layer has the wood, finish and color you desire, however the under-layer veneers are often made out of lesser quality woods.

Laminate flooring is another type of house flooring you want to steer away from in moist areas such as in basements. Laminate flooring is also not appropriate in wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and mud rooms. Laminate flooring has a base layer that is fabricated out of wood chips. This said, laminate flooring is ideal for heavy traffic areas due to the fact that its surface is extremely durable.

Carpet flooring is another type of house flooring that is not good for basements or concrete slab surfaces. Mold and mildew growth can occur underneath the carpet causing health issues in the home. Carpet flooring is best reserved for bedrooms, living rooms, and other rooms that are high and dry and have a wood subfloor.

Vinyl flooring is a type of house flooring that is affordable and durable. It is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. It is also available in a multitude of colors and patterns, and quality grades.

Tile and stone are other durable flooring products that are ideal for wet areas. They are, however, more expensive, both in material and installation costs. They can also be cold on the feet and are susceptible to breakage.

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