Choosing a Color Scheme for Your Bathroom

Tips for Selecting the Right Color Scheme for Your Bathroom

By Mark J. Donovan

The 1950s was the decade of baby blue and pink ceramic tile in the bathroom. It was considered a wild and colorful step up from the all white bathrooms of earlier decades, however it seemed like nearly everyone had the same bathroom. Functional, yet boring. Fortunately today bathroom color scheme options have expanded from just these three basic colors to a potpourri of colors. This said, with all the color options available to you today, it can be a challenge deciding upon the right bathroom color scheme for your bathroom.

When choosing a color scheme for your bathroom think of using at least two and possibly three colors. Use a slightly darker or neutral color, such as beige, as the main background wall color.

On top of the base color then add one or two bright accent colors. Often one of the accent colors is used on the baseboard trim, and or crown moulding. Another accent color can also be used to possibly create patterns on the bathroom walls. Moreover, you can use this type of accent color to highlight wall coverings and decorations, as well as bathroom towel hanging areas.

Also when choosing your bathroom color scheme, think about the shower curtain, floor coverings and window treatment colors you plan to use. Make sure to pick paint colors that will complement and contrast well with these items. Similarly, if you plan to include tile in your bathroom make sure you choose a paint color scheme that complements and/or contrasts with your tile color.

Also, if there is less natural light in your bathroom use lighter and more neutral color tones. By choosing a lighter bathroom color scheme you can make the room feel brighter than it is.

Choosing a color scheme for your Bathroom remodel.

In addition, consider adding stenciling to your bathroom walls for accenting them. Often stenciling is done near the ceiling or at waist level. Again choose stencil colors that accent the background paint color.

So before choosing a single color to paint your bathroom visit a paint store and talk to a paint professional to see what paint color options might be appropriate for your bathroom plans.

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