Bathroom Wall Decorations

How to Spice up Your Bathrooms with Simple Bathroom Wall Coverings and Accessories

By Mark J. Donovan

One way to spruce up your bathroom is to incorporate simple bathroom wall decorations and coverings in it. Bathroom wall decorations can add depth and character as well as say something about your interests and personality. Bathroom wall decorations and accessories can include pictures and paintings, dried flower arrangements, wall cabinets, window treatments and even small fabric tapestries. In addition, there’s no need to leave bathroom outlets looking bland. Bathroom nightlights are great bathroom wall decorations that come in a plethora of shapes, styles, sizes, and themes.

The best time to select new bathroom wall coverings and bathroom wall decorations is after freshly painting the bathroom walls.

Select bathroom wall decorations with colors that complement the bathroom paint scheme and that are easy to keep clean. Also, don’t think just two dimensional. Include bathroom wall decorations that add depth and texture to the bathroom walls such as dried flowers.

Wall paper borders and stencil patterns are also excellent bathroom wall decorations to incorporate into a bathroom remodeling project. Wall paper borders, however, should be limited to powder rooms or bathrooms where showers are expected to be infrequent.

High moisture levels, as commonly found in bathrooms, can cause wall paper to peel in short order.

Also consider the use of bathroom light sconces and mirrors as part of your bathroom wall decoration ideas. A bright bathroom is an inviting bathroom and mirrors can help to make a bathroom feel both larger and brighter by reflecting light.

With any bathroom wall decoration make sure you use the right type of wall anchor. If the item weighs over a couple of pounds make sure to either have it anchored into a wall stud or use a toggle bolt. Otherwise, you may end up walking into your bathroom one day and finding the decoration or accessory lying on the bathroom floor.

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