Basement Window Security

How to Prevent Thieves from Entering Your Home with Better Basement Window Security

By Mark J. Donovan

Historically basement windows have been notoriously easy targets for burglars wanting to enter a home. Due to simple latches and the fact that the basement windows are at ground level, burglars often prefer them for breaking an entry into a home. Also, basement windows are frequently hidden by shrubs giving cover to unwanted miscreants. Basement window security latches can often be easily popped, sometimes with a simple push on the window frame. With stronger basement window security you can reduce the risk of your home becoming burglarized.

If you are installing a home security system make sure to not forget the basement windows. Either include alarm sensors or metal security bars on the basement windows for securing them.

If you do not have plans to install a home security system, then at a minimum for basement window security make sure the basement windows are made out of strong glass and have solid locking mechanisms. Preferably buy basement windows that include locks on them.

As an alternative to using standard basement windows, consider the installation of glass block for creating secure basement windows. Glass block is nearly impossible to see through so you can prevent prying eyes from even considering breaking an entry via your basement windows.

If you are on a tight budget and cannot afford to install new and more secure basement windows, then place items underneath the inside of the windows that will act as an alarm if an intruder enters through the basement windows. For example, place some empty tin cans directly underneath the window, so that if they are disturbed you will be sure to hear them fall.

Also, make sure there is no shrubbery hiding the basement windows and if at all possible provide exterior lighting around them to deter a potential burglar from even considering entering your home via the basement windows.

In addition, apply a security film to the basement window glass. The security film will retard the window from shattering when broken. Though it is a minor deterrent it can often be just enough to make the burglar think twice about entering the home. Also, consider using polycarbonate sheets for the glass. They are high impact resistance and nearly impossible to break, thus again deterring a burglar from entering your home.

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