Basement Windows

Basement Windows allow Sunlight and Fresh Air into Your Basement

By Mark J. Donovan

Have you ever been in a basement where there are either few or no basement windows? The basement is dark and musty and unappealing for spending any length of time in it.

Basement windows play a couple of key roles in your basement. They let light in, and allow you to let stale musty air out of the basement.

When building a custom home with a basement you should try to architect into the home building plans as many basement windows as possible, particularly if you have plans on finishing the basement someday.

Basement Window Safety

Basement windows also provide an egress from your home in the event of a fire or some other home catastrophe that may require you to exit the home via the basement. The basement window also needs to be capable of allowing a fire fighter to crawl through it. As a result, it is important that you install a basement window of the appropriate size that meets federal, state, and local building codes.

Installing Basement Windows

Retrofitting a basement window into an existing basement window frame is fairly straightforward to do. Installing a new basement window into a concrete foundation requires additional work, e.g. cutting concrete walls, however it is a task a do-it-yourself homeowner can tackle. Tool rental companies rent concrete cutting saws at affordable prices.

Basement Window Technology

Basement windows from the past were typically of low quality and were susceptible to air and water leaks. Today, there are higher tech basement windows on the market that are constructed out of Low-E glass, and have excellent seals to prevent water or air infiltration.

 Basement Remodeling Bid Sheet

This said, however, care has to be made when installing new basement windows so that air and water infiltration won’t occur around the basement window frame. It is important when installing new basement windows that insulation and caulking be applied around the basement window frame.

Soil Grade around Basement Windows

It is also important when installing basement windows to make sure that the ground and landscaping near the basement window does not funnel water towards the basement window. The soils that are back filed around the basement foundation should be installed to shed water away from the basement window. The back fill soils should also be of a sandy or gravely nature to allow the water to quickly drain downward, towards the foundation’s perimeter drain.

Basement Window Security

New basement windows offer better locks than their predecessors, however, for added home security installing reinforcing metal window coverings over the basement windows is a good idea.

Basement windows can turn an otherwise dark and dingy basement into an inviting living space. So before you build your custom home or plan on finishing your basement make sure you install the latest in basement window technology.

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