Glass Block Basement Windows

Glass Block Basement Windows Provide unmatched Privacy and Energy Efficiency

By Mark J. Donovan

Glass block basement windows are a great alternative to the standard basement window. They let light into the basement and can provide ventilation. Glass block basement windows also offer more security and are more energy efficient than the standard basement window.

Most basement windows are more of an afterthought to the majority of homeowners. Typically they are covered in cobwebs, never opened, and sometimes even covered up by basement shelving.

However the underrated basement window plays a more important role to the home than most people care to realize.

They provide light into the basement, can act as a backup egress from the home in the event of an emergency, and also contribute significantly to home heating loss. Basement windows also provide ventilation which can be extremely important if you live in an area of the world where trapped Radon gas in the basement can become a danger to the home occupants.

Glass Block Basement Window Benefits

Glass block basement windows offer an excellent alternative to the standard basement window because they can offer many of the same benefits of the standard basement window and more. They have been around for nearly a 100 years and have been used in art deco building applications since the 1950’s.

Glass block basement windows are glass block windows that have been designed specifically to meet the requirements of basement applications. Besides offering privacy, unlike standard basement windows, they provide natural light into the basement.

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Glass block basement windows also provide added security compared to standard basement windows. Standard basement windows can easily be popped opened, or simply broken. They are typically screwed into a jog in the concrete wall and a little caulk added around them to minimize air infiltration. Glass block windows on the other hand are installed into the jog using mortar, making them virtually impossible to break in to. In addition, they are much thicker than the standard basement window and are not transparent, thus making the basement less interesting for prying eyes.

Some glass block basement windows come with optional venting windows to allow the exchange of fresh air into the basement.

Due to the fact that glass block basement windows are installed using mortar they provide a much tighter seal than the standard basement window. Thus they are much more energy efficient than the standard basement window. In addition, they are very low maintenance. Unlike cracking caulk and rusting frames and screws associated with standard basement widows, glass block basement windows require no maintenance except for the occasional washing.

Glass block windows for the basement come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but some of the more standard sizes are 32”x32”, 32”x 24”, 32”x 14” and 24”x24”. They are more expensive than the standard basement window and typically cost around $100 to $175 each.

So if you are looking to dress up the lower level of your home, and want privacy and low maintenance windows that can provide you with more security and energy efficiency, consider glass block basement windows. They are a great alternative to the standard basement window and well worth the extra investment.

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