Springtime and Maintaining Your Lawn

Tips on Ensuring a Healthy and Vibrant Lawn this Spring and Summer

By Mark J. Donovan

Springtime is the start of the growing season for both gardens and lawns. One of the key elements for ensuring a healthy and beautiful lawn is proper and regular watering. Unfortunately many people fail to understand this simple fact, or just don’t really know what proper and regular lawn watering means. Summarized below are a few lawn watering tips for ensuring a healthy start to your lawn this spring.

When can you Tell Your Lawn Needs Watering

If your lawn has a bluish green color, or the grass blades are curling, then it needs watering.
Also, after walking on your lawn you should see your footprints fade away quickly. If they don’t, then your lawn needs watering.

Sufficient Water

Most lawns need about an inch of water each week to keep them healthy and green. Place a few small containers around various areas of your lawn to see how much rain or irrigation water is making it onto your lawn. If it takes forty-five minutes to get an inch in the bottom of the containers, then you’ll need to ensure your sprinkler system runs for at least that period of time each week.

Water Evenly

Again place containers on various areas of the lawn. Then turn your lawn irrigation system on for a period of time. After turning off the irrigation system check the containers. If some containers have less in them than others, then you may need to adjust the sprinkler heads.

Water Early in the Morning

Ideally you should water early in the morning, e.g. 5-6am. Winds are typically calmer this time of day and temperatures are cooler.

As a result, there is less concern of uneven sprinkling and evaporation. It also allows the water to soak into the soil before the sun has a chance to evaporate it.

Water Lawn Slowly

Make sure to water your lawn slowly. Otherwise you’ll waste water and money, and possibly cause erosion. One suggestion is to cycle your irrigation system for two shorter periods, rather than one long period, e.g. twice for 10 minutes versus once for 20 minutes.

Water Lawn Less Frequently

Instead of watering your lawn every day, give it a good soak every two to three days.

Install an irrigation system to ensure you lawn is water regularly and properly.

This will cause the grass roots to grow downward in search of water.  By causing the roots to grow deeper you’ll create a stronger and healthier lawn that is more stable.

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