Patio Design and Creating Outdoor Living Space

Expand Living Area of Your Home by Creating a Beautiful Patio Design

By Mark J. Donovan

A properly designed patio can provide comfortable outdoor living space for hosting parties, enjoying a quiet evening outside under the evening sky, or for having a weekend barbeque. Patio designs are limited only by your imagination and budget. A patio design can be as simple as a rectangular concrete slab with some simple patio furniture gracing it. Alternatively a patio design can include the use of concrete pavers or natural stone with central features such as a barbecue grill or fire pit, and/or a coy pond. A patio design can also incorporate plants and shrubberies.

Regardless of the patio size and features, a good patio design should create a comfortable and relaxing outdoor environment that is an extension of your home’s living space.

There are a number of patio surfaces to choose from when designing a patio. Besides a concrete slab and concrete pavers you can also choose from bricks, field stone, pebble stone, tile and gravel. As a result, there are plenty of patio surfaces to choose from. In addition, you do not necessarily need to stick to one patio surface type. You can mix it up a bit for patio design and cost reasons. For example you could use a combination of concrete pavers and flagstone, or bricks for edging with pebble stones for the patio field.

When coming up with a patio design also consider the position of the patio relative to the sun. You may need to incorporate a patio shade or awning to keep the heat of the sun off of the patio in the late afternoon or early evening.

Many people enjoying cooking outside, so also consider including a barbecue grill in your patio design. If you want to go all out, consider installing an outdoor kitchen as well. Or, you can simply include electrical hookups for a refrigerator. At a minimum make sure your patio design includes an eating area for a patio table and chairs.

Also make sure to consider patio lighting when coming up with your patio design. You may want to consider including foot level lighting as well general overhead lighting. There are a lot of low voltage lighting solutions today that are excellent for patios as well, so make sure to check out all of your patio lighting options at your local home improvement center.

In addition, make sure you consider landscaping around the patio as well. Small shrubberies and plants can add color, fragrance and texture to your patio design, as well as provide privacy and a sense of serenity. In addition, consider the inclusion of a water feature in your patio design such as a water fountain or small coy pond.

Finally consider the type and amount of patio furniture in your patio design. You don’t necessarily need to go expensive when selecting patio furniture.

Patio design includes choosing the right patio furniture.

There are plenty of inexpensive patio furniture solutions that can hold up well to use and weather. Just make sure to look for items that will not corrode or rot over time. You may want to look for patio furniture that includes removable cushions so that you can easily remove them when not using the furniture.

So before you start excavating for your patio, make sure to come up with a fully fleshed out patio design that meets all of your needs. A good patio design should be both functional and beautiful, and in the end be an outdoor extension of your home’s internal living space. If designed right, a patio should be a major attraction to both you and your family and friends.

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