Suntuitive Windows from Pleotint, LLC Provide Major Cost Savings Benefits

Suntuitive Self-Tinting Windows Optimize Indoor Comfort and Views while Reducing Energy Costs

By Mark J. Donovan

If you are planning to build a new home or home addition and are considering what type of windows to buy, then you may want to check out Pleotint, LLC’s new smart and energy efficient Suntuitive® windows. Pleotint’s self-tinting Suntuitive glass windows automatically control the amount of sun light and heat entering a home or building, hence making the living space much more comfortable and more energy efficient.

At the heart of Suntuitive windows is a patented interlayer technology that is sandwiched in between two layers of heat strengthened or tempered glass.

This interlayer material responds dynamically and automatically to the intensity of sunlight hitting it. The interlayer material itself reacts to the intensity of the sunlight to increase or decrease the amount of tinting in the windows. No external electronics, wires or power is required.

Suntuitive windows literally leverage the heat from the sun to dynamically and gradually control the amount of tinting in the windows. The more intense the sun’s rays on the window, the darker the window’s interlayer automatically becomes. This process results in increased window tinting and ultra violet (UV) light solar protection.

As a result, the natural light entering a home or building remains balanced, thus enabling consistent lighting throughout the day and lower energy costs. How much energy costs savings? According to Pleotint’s website, Suntuitive glass windows can reduce the energy costs of a building by up to 30%.

Also, Pleotint states that the interlayer of the Suntuitive glass prevents almost all damaging UV light from entering a home or building. UV light is a major contributor to fading of materials within a building and causing skin cancer.

Due to their laminate construction Suntuitive windows are also resistant to breakage, and are excellent attenuators of noise. Thus they’ll stand up better to wind-blown debris and prevent exterior noise from entering the building.

With their excellent energy savings advantages, and natural construction, Suntuitive windows are also ideal for green home building and obtaining Leed Certification.

Windows represent the largest heat loss in a home or building. They can also be the biggest contributors to heating up a home during the hot summer months.

Suntuitive Windows

Consequently any solution that can improve the R-Value or energy efficiency of windows is a major plus. And it seems that Pleotint, LLC has hit a homerun in the field of smart and energy efficient new window technology.

So if you are in the market for new windows you may want to investigate more into Pleotint’s Suntuitive windows.

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