Home Window Repair

Steps for Reglazing a broken Window

By Mark J. Donovan

If you live in a home long enough chances there will come a time where a glass window breaks and needs to be repaired. In many cases home window repair can be performed by a do it yourself homeowner. Described below are instructions on replacing a broken window pane.

To perform this simple home window repair project you will need a new pane of glass, glazing putty, a putty knife, sandpaper, safety glasses and work gloves. Paint will also be required for the finishing touches.

Window Repair – Removing the Broken Glass

When performing this task always wear safety glasses and gloves.

If it is a small window pane that has broken, you may be able to replace the broken window glass in the frame. If it is a large window glass pane that has been broken you should probably remove the entire window frame so that you can more easily work with it.

Start by removing the shards of broken glass from around the window frame. In many cases you can pull them out of the frame simply using your gloved hands. In the process of removing the glass you may need to remove the glazing putty from around the perimeter of the window frame.

After removing the shards of broken glass use a putty knife to remove the glazing putty and glazing points. You want to make sure you do a good job of otherwise the new glass will not slide well into the window frame. Make sure the area where the glass sits in the window frame is completely free of any old putty.

If the glazing putty is hard, a hair dryer may be helpful in softening it up.

If the window frame is old and made out of wood, wipe down the window frame with linseed oil. Applying linseed oil will help prevent the replacement glazing compound from drying out.

Window Repair- Prepping the Window Frame for New Glass

Next roll some new glazing putty into a long, thin, snake-like shape that is approximately 1/16th to 1/8th inch thick. Apply the snake of glazing putty around the window frame area, working it into the frame snuggly with your fingers.

Window Repair – Inserting the New Glass Window Pane

Now cut a piece of glass such that it is a hair smaller than the window frame area.

Insert the glass into the frame carefully and press it down firmly into the glazing. This glazing acts as a seal to the outside elements.

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With the new glass in place, install new glazing points every few inches around the edge of the window frame to hold the glass in place. Be careful to not crack the new glass in the process as you press the glazing points into the window frame sides with your putty knife or glazing point tool.

Once the glazing points have been installed, create a 1/8th inch thick snake like shape of glazing putty and work it around the window frame to effectively seal in the new glass window. To create the snake like glazing putty, just work it with your hands into shape so that it is malleable.

Use your putty knife to firmly press the glazing putty into place and to neatly shape it around the perimeter of the glass. Also use the putty knife to scrape away any excess putty material.

Once the glazing putty has fully cured, lightly sand it and apply paint over the putty. Let the paint dry and then use a razor blade to scrape around the edges of the glass window to completely remove any excess paint and/or glazing putty. With that, your home window repair project is complete.

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