Installing Glass Skylights Offers Many Benefits

Glass Skylight Features and Benefits to the Home

By Mark J. Donovan

Installing glass skylights provides a number of advantages to a room. Besides providing beauty and a sense of openness, glass skylights let in natural light which brightens a room and creates a feeling of spaciousness. Second, glass skylights provide a more comfortable and enjoyable living space.

When a glass skylight is faced in a southerly or westerly direction it provides natural solar heating during the winter months. In addition, ventilated skylights can help to vent heat from a room during hot summer months.

Glass skylights also offer a window into the night skies. All of these benefits translate into a more enjoyable living space and energy savings.

Skylights have come a long ways over the past several decades. Due to improved skylight technology, today’s skylights are highly energy efficient and virtually free from leaks.

Today, skylight manufacturers offer skylights with various types of insulated glazing. Skylights are available in single, double or even triple panes and are constructed out of Low-E glass or Argon gas filled panes, and in many cases have Ultra-Violet light blocking screens sandwiched in between the layers of glass.

Skylights are also available in plastic for lighter and more cost affordable applications. Skylights are also available in a variety of shapes and sizes including, squares, rectangular, domed, pyramids, bubbles and several other types.

Today’s glass skylights are typically constructed out of a combination of vinyl, metal and wood. Wood or vinyl is normally exposed to the interior of the home, and wood used on the exterior side of the skylight is typically clad in either vinyl or metal.

Most new skylights today come with integrated flashings to help prevent leaks, and built in channels for funneling away condensation.

Ventilated glass skylights are designed to allow the home occupants to open the skylight windows to let in fresh air and/or to remove hot air from the home. Shades can also be purchased for glass skylights to reduce solar glare during certain times of the day. Some glass skylights also integrate adjustable blinds in between the layers of glass.

If your home improvement plans include skylights, make sure to evaluate all of the skylight features that are available to you so that you pick the right skylight for your needs. Also, consider carefully where you position a glass skylight. Again, installing a skylight in a southerly or westerly exposure provides the most benefit for letting in sunlight and for reducing energy bills.

Skylight windows

Finally, inspect your attic and roof to see what makes the most sense in terms of skylight size and placement, and for skylight installation.

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