Guide to Vinyl Skylight Windows

The Advantages of Vinyl Skylight Windows and the Numerous Skylight Types to Choose From

By Mark J. Donovan

Vinyl skylight windows are commonly found in today’s modern home. Skylight windows are typically installed in rooms with vaulted ceilings or where privacy and sunlight are both desired. For example, they are often found in family rooms or great rooms with cathedral ceilings. They are also found in bathrooms where both privacy and natural light are desired. Vinyl skylight windows are also used where other windows can’t be installed, such as in a finished attic living space.

Vinyl window skylights also help to make a room feel larger and keep the home warmer during the cold winter months and cooler during the hot summer months.

Vinyl skylight windows are ideal for cooler climate regions because of the fact that they can provide added heat to a home during the cold winter months. Using vinyl for the actual window framing around the glass helps to produce better insulated skylight windows, which helps cut down on home energy costs.

There are a number of types of vinyl skylight windows to choose from. The original skylight window was just a fixed pane of glass. You can still buy skylight windows like this, however most homeowners today elect to go with more sophisticated skylights. For example, today you can purchase vented skylights that have the ability to open and let cool air into the home, or hot air out of it. Vented skylights come with screens and shades so that insects can be kept at bay from entering the home, and the room darkened if so desired.

Today’s skylight windows come with double pane glass with argon gas filled between them to provide a higher insulating R-value.

Moreover, today’s modern skylight glass has special coatings or films applied to them to help block certain spectral sun wavelengths, e.g. ultraviolet light waves, from entering the home. Ultraviolet light heats the home and can fade carpeting, wood flooring and furniture fabric.

There are also higher end vinyl skylight windows with built in shades that automatically adjust to the sun’s rays or by a timer, or by a remote control switch.

If you plan to install vented skylight windows in cathedral ceilings it’s a wise idea to buy ones that can be remotely controlled to open and close them. Otherwise you may never find yourself opening them unless you keep a ladder in the room.

Skylight windows come in all shapes and sizes. The standard skylight window type is rectangular or square. However, there are smaller ones, and even circular ones, for creating spot lighting in a room.

Skylight windows

For example there are sun tunnel and cubbyhole sized vinyl skylight windows that are ideal for accenting lighting a small area of a room. They’re also ideal for small rooms such as bathrooms or reading rooms, or even in entranceway foyers.

So when planning your natural lighting scheme for you new room addition or home consider installing vinyl skylight windows. Besides providing a natural beauty to your home or home addition, they’re a green building product that will save on annual home heating and lighting energy costs.

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