Seven Tips for Selling Your House Fast

How to Get Top Dollar Selling Your House

By Mark J. Donovan

Selling your house fast and maximizing the sales price of your home can be challenging in today’s real estate market. But this said, there are a number of things you can do prior to putting your house on the market that can increase the likelihood of selling your house fast and for a higher price.

Ensure Curb Appeal

First, make sure the outside of your home has great curb appeal. The exterior of the house and the yard should be clean and neat. If the house exterior is in need of paint or power-washing than do it before putting it on the market.

Also, make sure the yard is uncluttered and the lawn is cut. Eliminate all the yard toys and other items that don’t absolutely provide a clear benefit to prospective buyers. Keep in mind that even though the inside of your home make look pristine and fabulous buyers will most likely just drive by the property if they see the exterior of the home to be in disrepair.

Price it Right When Selling Your Home

Make sure your real estate agent provides you with comparable houses on the market in your local area, including recently sold ones. Price your home in the middle, or low side, of the average listing or sale price of the comparable homes if you want to increase the speed in selling your house. Only list it on the high end of the “comps” if you want to increase the chances of maximizing the sale price. But be forewarned, you are taking a risk in doing so, as your house will most likely see less buyer traffic.

Seven tips for selling your house fast. This house sold in 1 day following these tips!

Unclutter the inside of the House

Think minimalist inside your home when preparing to put your house on the market. Remove excess furniture in the home, empty out much of the closets and remove family pictures and other personal items from the walls. The goal is to present the prospective buyers with a new canvas that they can paint from, with just the minimal furniture and items in it to give them a hint of what they could do with the house themselves. The basic message here is to convert your home into a house by eliminating the personal touches.

Make all Repairs to the Inside of the Home

Prior to listing your house make sure the interior walls are clean, and if need be, painted. Also, make sure the carpets are vacuumed and clean. If there are any items that are in need of repair, make them. The last thing you want is a prospective buyer to pull a bifold closet door open and it fall of the hinges when they do so.

Hide the Pets

Though many people love animals most prospective buyers are not thrilled about seeing a well-worn houses caused by pets, e.g. carpet stains from pet accidents, pet food dishes, shedding dog hair, etc. Do everything possible to eliminate pet paraphernalia, odors, and objects that could turn off buyers.

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Kitchen and Bathrooms Rank High in Buyers Requirements

Kitchen and bathrooms are king and queens for prospective home buyers. Make sure both are in good working order and are aesthetically appealing prior to listing your house.

Be Ready to Show at a Moments Notice

Having your house ready to show at all times is key for selling your house fast. It is important to remember that the buyer is the customer and you are the shop owner. Thus, having your store open 24/7 is one of the best ways to ensure you will sell your home quickly and at top dollar.

To conclude, first impressions are critical when selling a house. By ensuring the outside of your home is in good order you will increase the amount of buyers to look further into purchasing your house.

And by making sure the inside of your house presents well, you will dramatically speed up the sale of it and increase the likelihood of maximizing the sale price.

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