How to Sell your Home Fast

The Key Elements to Selling Your Home Fast and at a Fair Market Price

By Mark J. Donovan

Selling a home fast and for a high value is every seller’s dream. However for most sellers, selling a home is everything but fast, and often the sale price is not what they had hoped for. This said, with proper planning, upfront homework, and realistic expectations, you can sell your house quickly, and at a fair market price.
To sell a home fast it is important to first get three or four competitive market analysis of the property by as many real estate agents. They will compare your house to homes that are currently on the market, as well as ones that have sold recently.By doing a competitive market analysis they should be able to value your properly accurately and suggest a list price, and a projected sell price.

If you truly want to sell your home fast then you should list it more towards the expected sell price. This doesn’t mean that you have to end up selling your home at a price below the real estate agents suggested sell price. It just means that you’ll have less room to negotiate when a prospective low balling buyer makes you an offer. If the buyer is truly interested in purchasing your home they will most likely come up to your expected sell price. Expect to show some movement to show good faith in your negotiations. Thus, this is why you should list your house a bit higher than the projected sell price suggested by the real estate agents.

Also keep in mind that regardless of how much money you’ve invested in the home, your home will only be worth current market values. So if you’re selling your home in a down market don’t expect to make money on the sale of your home. You may be lucky just to pay off the mortgage with the proceeds from the sale of the home.

Another key ingredient to selling your house fast is to make sure the home is neat and that all repairs have been made to the home prior to listing it.

Home for sale. Tips for selling your own home.

Most prospective home buyers are not looking for a handyman’s dream. They want to move into a clean and completely functional home. So if you want to sell your home fast, make sure it is. Clean and completely functional!

Staging your house is also helpful for selling your home fast. Staging your house means putting the right amount of furniture, and kind of furniture, in the home to complement and ultimately showcase the home.

In addition, remove all of the personal pictures and trophies from the rooms. By creating a low clutter interior with neutral furnishings, prospective homebuyers can better visualize the home as their own.

Lastly, I can’t reiterate enough to make all necessary repairs both to the inside and the outside of the home. You may need to go as far as replacing damaged carpeting or wood floors if you want to sell the home fast. Also, make sure the exterior of the property is neat.

New Home Construction Bid Sheet

Make sure there are no kids toys laying all over the yard and make sure the lawn is mowed and the yard is neat. First impressions are critical and curb appeal is the first step in selling your home fast when the prospective home buyers arrive at your home.

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