Powering Through a Down Housing Market by Making Continuous Home Improvements

It is important to make Home Repairs and Necessary Home Improvements as they are Needed

By Mark J. Donovan

Though we have seen a collapse in the housing market over the past couple of years it is important that you continue to make home improvements and home repairs as desired and needed. A home is more than just a large investment. It is your abode, the place where you sleep, eat and live. And though it may have lost 30% of its value in the past couple of years, it is also most likely still your largest asset. For these two reasons alone, it is important to make continuous home improvements as necessary.

Unfortunately a home is not self maintaining and as with everything, a home needs regular care and maintenance.

Fresh exterior paint maybe required, a heating or air conditioning system may need to be fixed, a leaky roof could occur after a storm, and the worn out rug or vinyl flooring just simply needs to be replaced.

Holding off making these types of home improvement repairs could lead to further complications and costs down the road. A home in need of fresh exterior paint or new shingles is susceptible to water damage. Left in disrepair these issues could lead to interior home damage.

There are also the home improvements that are less functional in nature and more about style. If you still have pink or baby blue ceramic wall tiles in the bathroom it’s important to realize we’re no longer living in the 1950’s.

If you still have shag rugs in your home, it’s time to face the facts that the 1970’s are over. If your kitchen has green appliances in it, realize the 1980’s are over. I could go on but I think you get my point. It is important to keep your home relevant and in sync with the times and future home buyers.

Renovating the deck is a great way to improve the exterior of your home.

From an emotional level it is understandable why some may elect not to make continuous home improvements and home repairs. The feeling of why throw more good money after bad is a common theme. However, one fact that is a truism in life is that the world we live in is in continuous change. Like the oceans there is constant ebb and flow.
And so a bear housing market today will inevitably be a bull market sometime in the future.

When, is always the big question, but not knowing the answer to this question is insufficient of a reason for holding off in continuing to maintain your home.

When the housing market does improve it will creep up on you rapidly. Just like the collapse of the housing market, and like the tide coming in, it will come upon you without you even realizing it. And when it does come in, and you want to sell your home, you need to be ready.

So don’t get behind in tackling home repairs and making continuous home improvements. Continue to keep your home fresh and relevant so you enjoy living in it. And when the housing market tide changes and you want to sell it, your home will be ready. It will be fully functional, aesthetically attractive and have the features desired by current homebuyers.

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