Tips for Increasing Your Home’s Resale Value

Learn How to Sell Your Home Faster and For a Higher Sale Price

By Mark J. Donovan

Besides your children, your home is probably the largest investment that you’ll make in your lifetime. Consequently preserving and preferably increasing your home’s resale value is essential if you want to protect and grow this investment. So if you anticipate selling your home sometime down the road, which most people do fairly regularly, you need to take some steps while owning your home to increasing its value.

First and foremost it is important to always keep up with your home’s required maintenance. Keeping up with the interior and exterior painting, for example, is critical for ensuring the home looks good at all times.

In addition, all mechanical equipment in the home, such as heat and air conditioning systems, must be in perfect working order prior to attempting to sell your home. Similarly all of the doors and windows of your home, as well as appliances, should be in excellent operating condition prior to listing your house for sale.

Another major area to look at prior to listing your home are the floors. To increase your home’s resale value its vital that the flooring looks good in every room of the home. If the carpet is looking shabby in a room, then spend the money upfront on some reasonably priced new carpeting.

Besides keeping up with the regular maintenance of your home, another key element for increasing your home’s resale value is making sure both the interior and exterior of the home are neat and clean. For example, make sure there are no lawn toys laying all over the backyard.

Tips for Increasing Your Home's Resale Value

In addition, put a little TLC into the lawn and shrubbery. The grass should be lush green and cut neatly. Shrubbery adjacent to the home should be pruned and kept to a height that doesn’t hide or smother the home.

In the interior of the home, remove much of the clutter that’s in it. In addition, remove most of the personal items from the walls and rooms, e.g. family portraits and pictures. When selling a home its vital that the home feel spacious to prospective home buyers when they walk into it. By eliminating the pictures and portraits you also enable the prospective home buyers to better visualize the home as being their own, versus yours. Ensuring that outdoor living spaces around the home are neat and clean is another major item for maximizing your home’s resale value.

If you have a deck, make sure that it is clean and has a fresh coat of paint or stain on it. Decks with ugly stains and rotting wood are unattractive to home buyers. They also raise concerns with prospective home buyers on having to spend extra money on repairing the deck after they move into the home.

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By freshly painting your deck prior to listing your home you can ensure that you maximize your home’s resale value. Similarly, if you have a patio make sure that it is uncluttered and is not cracked or damaged in any way.

By following these basic guidelines you can increase the odds of selling your home at its highest potential value.

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