Stanley Satellite Rechargeable LED Work Light Review

Baccus Global and Stanley Introduce a new Flexible and Rechargeable LED Work Light that is Ideal for the Homeowner and Professional Contractor

By Mark J. Donovan

In this video Mark Donovan of reviews Baccus Global’s new Stanley Satellite Rechargeable LED Work Light.

The Stanley SAT3S Satellite Rechargeable LED Work Light is the perfect portable light source for many projects or spaces around the home or jobsite. The satellite work light also doubles as a portable charging station for cell phones and tablets.

The work light is designed to be used as either a standard flash light when its three adjustable light panels are closed up or as a wide range viewing light source when the panels are opened. When the three light panels, each with 6 bright LEDs, are opened and extended outwards the SAT3S work light, with its pivoting head, clearly resembles a satellite.

The three light panels are centered around a large main LED light that provides a concentrated light beam for flashlight operation. A multi-function button on the side of the Work Light controls the activation of the LED lights. One click and the main LED light is activated, producing a high intense light beam.

A second click lowers the light beam intensity. A third click activates the LEDs on the three light panels and turns off the main LED light, and a fourth click of the button turns on both the light panel LEDs and the main LED. A final click turns off all of the LEDs.

When its Lithium Ion battery is fully charged the Satellite work light has a runtime of 6 hours and produces 300 lumens of brightness, making it the perfect portable light source for working underneath the hood of a vehicle, in a dark basement or crawl space, for evening backyard lighting and for temporary power outages.

Located beside the multi-function button is a 1 Amp rated USB port for charging the Satellite work light, or for charging portable devices such as a cell phone or tablet.

At the base of the Satellite work light is a fold-out ring that enables it to be hung suspended upside down, making it the perfect portable light source for projects in the garage, to take on camping trips, and for power outage situations? A strong magnet is also located in the base of the work light to allow it to hang from the underside of a vehicle hood, or to mount firmly on any metal surface.

The Satellite work light comes with a 2 Amp rated AC outlet charger, a 2 Amp rated vehicle charger and a USB cable.

In regards to price and availability, at the time of this writing the Satellite LED work light retails for around $39 and can be purchased on and at various home improvement centers around the country.

So if you are in the need of a new flashlight, I suggest taking a look at the multipurpose Stanley SAT3S Yellow/Black SATELLITE Rechargeable LED Work Light. Its flexible and rugged design enables it to support many portable lighting applications and at the same time provide a charging station for your portable devices.

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