Stanley FatMax Portable Tripod Light Review Video

The FatMax® Portable Tripod Light Combines Functionality and Versatility in Portable Workshop and Outdoor Event Lighting

By Mark J. Donovan

In this video Mark Donovan of reviews Stanley’s new FatMax® Portable Tripod Light.

Stanley’s new FatMax® Portable Tripod Light is perfect for the workshop or garage for those occasions when you need extra light to see what you’re working on under the hood of your car or on a workbench. It also is ideal for outdoor events or temporary power outages.

The FatMax® Portable Tripod Light consists of three independent ultra-bright LED lights that mount on the top of the tripod to provide a combined 45 watts and up to 2,400 lumens of lighting power.

The FatMax® Portable Tripod Light can operate as a corded, cordless and rechargeable work light station. In addition, each LED light is detachable from the tripod and can operate cordlessly to be used in tight locations or for smaller projects.

When attached to the 360o pivoting tripod base, with its 3 foot telescopic shaft, and mounted on their adjustable 90o hinges the three LED lights can be multi-directionally positioned to cover large areas.

The FatMax® Portable Tripod Light utilizes Lithium Ion battery technology. As a result, each LED light is individually chargeable and can run up to 10 hours and hold a charge for up to 12 months. It also comes with a charger that plugs into any 120VAC outlet.

The FatMax® Portable Tripod Light also runs cooler than traditional halogen work lights, and there is less of a concern for bulb breakage or having to change bulbs due to its use of long lasting LED technology.

With an extended 10 hour run time mode, the FatMax® Portable Tripod’s LED lights are also ideal for outdoor events such as evening barbeques, or patio lighting.

The FatMax® Portable Tripod Light is also extremely lightweight for its size and functionality and comes with a handy carrying strap. Also, with a push of a button it collapses up nicely and stores easily and efficiently into a very small space. In addition, each LED light includes a push button quick release and an ergonomic carrying handle. Moreover, each LED light has a high and lower power button setting that enables you to choose between ultra-bright light intensity mode and extended run time mode.

The Baccus Global (Stanley) Llc STA-TPL45S Stanley Fatmax Portable Tripod Light can be found in Lowes, Walmart and Sam’s Club and retails for $269.99.

So if you’re in the market for a new and portable workshop or garage work light look no further than the FatMax® Portable Tripod Light. It offers all of the features and flexibility you need for spot work lighting, and for providing the ambience outdoor lighting you may need for an outdoor evening function.

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